Sunday, May 25, 2014

Transfer Date

So this week was really rough at first.  We had Zone meeting and the lesson was all about using your time wisely and not wasting a minute.  So we decided to change our schedule up a little bit and get out of the apartment earlier when it's a little bit cooler and then come back to the apartment around 12 and finish our studies, eat and head back out to work.  Every morning this week when we went out at 10, it was the worst thing in the world!  It was so hot and everyone refused to let us teach them.  They were all super busy trying to finish all their chores that they didn't have time to meet with us.  It was terrible and so after having gone out at 10 the whole week we decided to change our schedule back to the old one of finishing our studies and lunch and then going out.  

Because of our schedule change and some interviews by Friday we only had four lessons the whole week.  I was pretty disappointed and so on Saturday we got it in gear and taught eight lessons in one day.  After teaching all those lessons and basically walking around the whole area I was super tired but it was the best tired I'd been the whole week.  We found out this week that we're also teaching three sisters and one came to church this week and we were going to give her a baptismal date yesterday but when she was reading the pamphlet about the things we need to do in this life to have eternal life in the next she read everything except baptism.  So we think we're going to talk to her a little more about it and then challenge her.

Elder Taer
We do have a baptism coming up but we think we're going to have to delay it another week because he decided to go out of town the whole week so he wasn't able to come to church and we weren't able to teach him.  Also another thing is that it's transfer week and I'm getting transferred so the amount of time to teach him all the lessons that he needs to be taught before he gets baptized is cut down by a little bit. 

The Ramon ward is going to the Manila Temple this week and I'm kinda mad I can't be here for when they get back!  It's like payday seeing people get ready to go to the temple.
My favorite family
My favorite nanay turned 50

smoking fish

She picked up a dead duck

So yeah, I'm getting transferred!  After being six months here I think it's about time even though I don't really want to be transferred because we just started teaching a bunch of people and a few are coming to church.  I'm also going to miss the families here that have treated me like I was their son while I was here.  But I'm excited to go some place new!

Well that's all that happened this week!
Love you guys

Friday, May 2, 2014

May baptismal date kami!

So lets just say I think this last week was one of the hottest in my life. Every time I went to bed I'd wake up and my sheets were soaked.  It was terrible! The fans were blowing hot air so there was really nothing you could do to cool down so it was good to get out of the house that is basically a brick oven and get out to work. 

One day this last week we decided to go teach a Nanay where every time we go talk to her she hides her cigarettes.  So we show up at her house and find out she isn't home, but her grandchild, Jon Michael, is home.  We talk to Bro. Michael and find out his uncle is Brother Danny, our Ward mission leader.  We talk to him, teach him, and then set up a return appointment.  When we came back for the return appointment he'd read the whole pamphlet we gave him, had come to church, and he had a lot of notes about what he read.  After the lesson, we challenged him to baptism on May 24.

It was probably the best Sunday in Ramon by far.  There were a lot of people who attended sacrament and we had a whole less-active family return and also an Antone who has been less active for years and then on top of that an investigator!

Mom, after I read your last letter about being a missionary, I really thought about it and then I applied it.  I went on splits this week with Elder Mccuasland again and I think it was the best splits I've had with him by far.  We talked to a lot of people and while talking to them, Elder Mccuasland asked me "Do you know these people?"  It was probably some of the best lessons I've ever taught because I just acted like myself even though I had no idea who these people were.  After the lessons people were feeding us and it was just super sick!  (good)

One funny thing that happened this week, we were interviewing a girl for baptism in another area when we asked her a question about what a prophet is and why they are important.  Right as we finished asking the question her little brother runs in the room who just finished getting interviewed and yells "hah hindi nya alam yan!" Or in English "hah she doesn't know that!" it was freaking funny and then he runs out.  

I told them we were going to pray and got a pic real quick!

Housing couple came by and dropped off some bug killer.  We went to town and the next morning there was seven more!

Well love you all!