Friday, December 20, 2013

Short Letter this Week!

So this week we basically did nothing worth writing about.  My companion is still pretty trunky and so it's kind of hard to get out and do things. 

 We do have a pretty sweet investigator named Arjay.  He's 17 and is probably what you would call a golden investigator.  The other day he told us that he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and he said he got an answer that it was true.  The spirit was so strong when he said it that I had goose bumps.  He has a scheduled baptism on the 28th so please pray for him that he'll be ready.

So this week I ordered myself a ukulele for Christmas.  There is an American here who will get you anything you want.  I'm kind of excited to learn how to play it. The only thing that I do for fun in the apartment is read the Tagalog dictionary.  I think my Tagalog has improved like crazy ever since I got this new comp.  Everything is done in Tagalog and I can already see the improvement.  The other day we had a lesson and I was saying things I have never said before and it was a way good feeling.
As you can tell not to much has happened in our area so please pray for us that we will find some people to teach. 

 It's crazy I get to call home in a couple weeks!  Don't forget to call in the morning before we skype or google hangout so we can figure everything out.  Love you all!

Elder Tribe
P.S. Not sure if I'm going to send very many pictures from this computer shop anymore.  I'm pretty sure I got a virus on my SD card so I guess we'll see what happens. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Area!!!

Well this week has been the craziest week so far of the mission.

Bagong apartment
On Monday and Tuesday I didn't get to say goodbye to the members in Dagupan so it was kind of a sad goodbye.  I didn't think I would miss that area too much but after seeing it change and the progress it has made, to just leave it was kind of sad.  I contacted the new missionaries in the area and they told me Marra and Salvi were baptized.  It was an awesome feeling to know that even after I left things still are progressing.
So this week as you all know was transfer week and I got transferred to Ramon, malapit sa Santiago. My new companion is Elder Dionisio (Jewnishow).  The first words he said to me were that he was trunky.  President talked to me a little later after we were made companions and he told me to make sure Dionisio doesn't get trunky and that we work.  I'm pretty sure nothing has been done in this area for at least 6 weeks or more.

It is a way cool area and all the members here are super nice.  We have a dinner appointment every night and sometimes we have lunch appointments.  Its been a crazy first couple days here!  The ward had their Christmas party the first night I was here and then a funeral the next day.  They asked me to give the opening prayer at the funeral and then dedicate the grave.  It was a new experience for sure!  The ward members here are all pretty rich and they were throwing money around during the ward Christmas party!  It was a good time!

I'm in a way better apartment with four Elders and we even have a washing machine!  They are all Filipinos and so all we speak is Tagalog.  It is helping me with the language so much!  Before in Dagupan it was basically English 24/7 other than during lessons but here it's Tagalog 24/7.  

Front door looking in

Everything is going great here, just a little slow with the work here.  My coordinates are Latitude 16.778842, Longitude 121.534037 

Anyways everything is going great here with me and I hope every time you think of snow or skiing you think of me cause every time you say skiing or snow I miss home!  Everyone is telling me it's freezing back home but I'm sweating like crazy writing this to you! Love you all!

Elder Tribe
Shower head doesn't work
We have to pump our water

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Magtratransfer na ako (I'm getting transferred)

Transfer week!  Just got the transfer list and I'm getting transferred!  It's kind of a good feeling and a bad feeling.  Don't really know what to think about it especially since we're getting pulled out.

So this week on Thanksgiving, I was on splits with Elder Young again.  It was kind of cool to be on splits with another American during Thanksgiving because we went all out on the food.  We bought two chickens, Mountain Dew, and a huge thing of ice cream. Needless to say it was the best feast I've had on the mission so far! 

This is how they til the rice fields!
It was a surprisingly good week with all that has happened and we still ended up getting a lot of lessons.  It was definitely a learning experience this week.  It kinda stinks I'm getting transferred because the baptism that was supposed to happen this week didn't happen and we postponed it till next week but neither of us will be here. 
 Don't really know what is going to happen there. 

Before I go I'd like to be thankful for my mom and dad and the rest of the family.  Without all of you I wouldn't be on a mission.  I love you all so much and I'm thankful for the good examples you have been to me.

Kita kits
Crazy kids!
Elder Tribe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kilala mo po ba si Eli Manning?

Are the weeks as fast for you as they are for me? 

Water Game
The work this week was really good and REALLY good for my Tagalog.  On Wednesday night we had an FHE/Birthday at a members house.  There were a ton of people and we found a lot of less-actives.  The less-actives were asking us why we never come and visit them and so we worked really hard on contacting the less-actives in that area this week.  The lesson at the FHE was the hardest lesson I've ever taught because the lesson we were teaching I had never practiced before but the lesson was still good.  After the lesson, we were all playing games and we were playing the game where you throw the water in there face if they guess the thing right.  So of course I pick the right one but they dump the whole cup of water on my face! It was pretty funny and I was dripping wet so I got revenge when it was my turn.

On Thursday I went on splits with Elder Young from Duchesne Utah.  Elder Young has only been out for six months so our experience doesn't even total over one year yet.  This split helped my Tagalog a lot.  We were both kind of just laughing because we didn't know how good the lessons were going to be. But when we started teaching, it probably was one of the better lessons I've ever given.  His area is pretty difficult right now because they have no investigators so we ran out of people to teach after the first couple hours.  So we went tracting for the rest of the day.  We didn't know really what to expect because I've never done an OYM completely by myself. But lets just say I'm a lot more confident now.  It was by far the funnest thing I've ever done while being productive on my mission.  This is basically how I OYM in Tagalog.  

Pwede po ba magtanong

Kilala mo po ba si Carmen Electra?  (We say famous people because it's funny.) 

Then they'll say a bunch of stuff acting like they know where they(the celebrity) lives and they'll tell us probably just down the road a little ways.

We just make small talk a little bit and then we'll ask them if they know who we are and then we'll introduce ourselves and then share the Gospel.

It gets pretty funny some times because of the names we use and how the people act like they know who we are talking about.  

I got kissed again for the second time by a drunk guy this week.  I've decided I need to stay away from drunk people in general even though they are really fun to OYM.  Don't worry he didn't kiss my face just my hand. 

This week was super fun and super productive.  We have a lot of things going on in the area and there should be a baptism this week.  We're not totally sure yet if the baptism is going to happen because we're not 100% positive they are completely converted. 

   We haven't been able to really teach the referral we had last week because every time we go by he is drunk.  I think we need to just make a set time with him and then he won't be drunk when we come by.

Anyways just a good week overall.  

Elder Tribe

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey Fam!

Felt like I was sitting in this same chair just yesterday.  This week has gone by really fast and a lot is happening in our area.  I think because of what happened in the Tacloban mission people realize that life is fragile and that at any moment a storm could come hit us and wipe us all out.  

This week probably was the best week so far in my area.  So on Tuesday, we got a new zone goal to ask for referrals from the members more because one referral is equivalent to knocking on like over 650 doors.  So this week we had a lot of lessons centered towards referrals and we received nine of them.  We have only contacted 3 but the three are amazing! 

Fellowshipper Namin
So this week I went on splits in Echague with Elder Datario.  At first I thought I wasn't going to like the splits at all but it turned out to be one of the better splits I've ever had.  We had a dinner appointment in Echague and while I was helping clean up the food, I went into the kitchen and there were 3 mice stuck to a sticky pad.  I walked out of the kitchen to get more things and when I came back there were 4.  It made me wonder if what I ate was clean.

When we contacted one referral this week, the guy is so prepared for the Gospel it's crazy.  He talked to us about how he wants to quit drinking and smoking and how he wants to change.  He told us he's been to prison and how he wants to feel forgiven for stabbing a guy.  He sounds sketchy from writing this, but he honestly is the coolest guy in the world.  We've gone back a couple times to teach him but every time he's been drunk so we would just talk.  Hopefully this week we'll be able to teach him a little and tell him about the Word of Wisdom.  

On Friday, we had splits with the Zone leaders and I stayed in Dagupan.  The split was really good but the elder I was with didn't like riding bikes around too much.  He kept asking when we were going to drop off the bikes at the apartment and just walk but I kept telling him we're going to use them whole time.  During splits we found a less active and an investigator in an area I had never been in before.

So this last Sunday was probably one of the happiest days on my mission.  When I was sitting up on the stand to bless the bread I looked out in the pews and saw 3 investigators who had shown up and also 2 less actives.  It was the best feeling in the world!  Before they came to church I told Elder Rumbaoa it would be my biggest achievement so far in the mission if those two less actives would come.  It was a really good feeling....

Love Elder Tribe

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Okay!

Thanks for all the updates about the Bagyo.  My mission wasn't really hit it just rained here.  This week was a really busy week.  After I wrote you we cleaned our apartment and I'm pretty sure it's the first time it's ever been cleaned.  It was freaking disgusting and it took 3 hours to clean just the counter top and we had to use some special cleaner.  I'll send some pics later of it.  Inline image 1

On Tuesday because Elder Rumbaoa is a district leader we had an interview in Echague.  During the interview while he was giving it I was in the room sitting in the corner and he would ask me what the word probation meant while giving the interview.  It was pretty funny and the girl he interviewed was completely ready for baptism.  After the interview it was too late to go home so we stayed in Echague for one night and slept on their couches.

So this week we had Elder Brent Nielson from the First Quorum of the Seventy came to tour our mission.  So on Wednesday night we left our apartment to stay at another Elders apartment to make sure we would be on time tomorrow for Zone Conference.  There was some really bad planning involved or something because there ended up being 10 missionaries at an apartment that only had enough beds for 6.  I ended up cuddling with Elder Volpe from North Carolina.  It was one of the worst nights sleep I've had on the mission so far.  When we got up in the morning we headed to Cauayan for the zone conference.  When the conference started the first thing Elder Nielson did was inform us about the bagyo and he told us it's the strongest one ever recorded.  When he told us that he asked if we could all kneel down and he'd give a prayer for the missionaries and members that would be affected.  It was cool to hear a member of the quorum of the 70 get down on his knees and pray, it'll probably never happen again in my life.  The Zone conference was about the revelatory process and the atonement.

When the conference was over we went to the Paddad Elders apartment again for one night and it wasn't bad the second night because the other Elders went to another apartment.
When we left their apartment we went back to our area taught a couple lessons and then went right back to Echague for the baptism.

 As you can tell since we traveled around the mission a lot this week we weren't able to work in our area as much as we would have liked.  We're going to have to move the baptismal dates of the 2 investigators because they didn't come to church this week.
 On Sunday we worked with the branch again and received a bunch of new referrals and new investigators.  Our branch is amazing and everyone wants to work with us.  The mission is great!

It rained a lot one day but nothing to worry about.  I know the storm is a big deal but even the Filipino people in our area act like they don't really care.  No we don't have a car!  We have to take a bus everywhere!  Only rich people in the Philippines have cars.
Inline image 1
Lunch at Mama Mia's, I didn't drink the free beer!
Love Elder Tribe 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

This is Elder Tribe's mom saying "Thank you" to all those who have expressed concern for Cameron and those in the Philippines after this super storm.  The mission president posted this blog:

Dear Parents, Families and Friends--this is just to let you know that the Cauayan Mission is NOT in the path of the typhoon.  We will receive rain and some wind, but we are not in danger from this storm.  Many, many others are, though, and we ask that you keep in your prayers the beautiful people of the Philippines, along with the members and missionaries--for their safety and protection.  Our missionaries have been in constant prayer as well.  Thank you-- President and Sister Rahlf

This was posted a couple of months ago and I thought it was interesting.  Here are some statistics about the Cauayan City Mission:

21  156   220   22   91   46%   17   13

21:  the number of missions in the Philippines, 4 new ones this July.

156:  the number of missionaries in the Cauayan Mission 1 year ago.

220:  the number of missionaries by this October.

22:  the number of Sister missionaries 1 year ago.

91:  the number of Sisters by October

46%:  by October, the number of our missionaries that will be on their mission six months   
        or less.

17:  the number of new apartments rented between July and October.

13:  the number of nationalities represented in our mission.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Really Good Week!

Really good week here in the mission just like back at home this time of year.  

This cycle we're focusing our efforts on bringing back the less-actives in the ward.  The other day during PEC meeting with the branch president I saw the total number of members for our branch and it was almost 500.  That means out of 500 members only about 70 come to church which is terrible.  It's also really frustrating because once you baptize someone they see how every other member they know isn't going to church so they think it's acceptable. So this week because we found out the numbers were so bad, surprisingly enough the lesson we taught the most was about the Sabbath day and enduring to the end.  A lot of the members that we taught this week came to church for the first time in a long time and it was cool to see the branch welcome them all back.

Yesterday during church the single adults told me to teach them a lesson only using English.  I don't think they knew but I've been really struggling with the language and so it was a big relief to be able to teach in English.  It was also really cool because the whole time I was teaching in English I was thinking in Tagalog which made me realize I'm not as bad as I think I am.  I also told them at the end of the lesson they should feed the missionaries because we're hungry and that night we had two dinner appointments!  It's better to just be blunt about things to get stuff done on the mission. 

Elder Rumbaoa and I are really working hard and there has honestly been no problem between us.  He'll probably go down in history for being the best companion.  Elder Rumbaoa also told me some news the other day when President came by to our apartment a few weeks to talk to him.  President told him to train me to be able to be a District leader and a trainer.  I don't know if that means next cycle or just for the future but I hope it's just for the future.  I don't think I'm prepared enough to train or be a DL yet but I'll do what ever the Lord commands.  

Also a little story I forgot to tell you about last week.  So the other week it was really late and we were headed home after a long days work when we had to ride our bikes in front of a house that has the meanest dog in the area.  So what we decided to do was just ride by the house as fast as we could.  That was a bad idea because we under estimated how fast the dog was and also my companions bike.  Right as the dog ran out of it's yard to chase us my comps chain on his bike fell off so he wasn't going anywhere.  So I had to stop and shine my light on my comp while throwing rocks at the dog.  When the dog finally left and I was trying to put back on the chain, it started to rain really hard.  Neither of us had an umbrella so we were just getting soaked.  The rain all of a sudden stopped and my comp said "Wow, I just prayed for the rain to stop and it actually stopped."  It was just a cool little experience about how just little prayers are answered.  

Love you all,
Elder Tribe
Inline image 1
Merienda time during a rain storm

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Officially lived in the Philippines for 3 months...

Monday, October 28, 2013
Still blows my mind every time I think that I live in the Philippines!

How's everything going back at home because it's amazing here!  I can't believe it's already Halloween.  The Holidays on the mission don't really exist it's just another day which is kind of sad.  

This last week after we wrote you it was transfer week like I said.  My comp became a district leader like I predicted.  I was still a little sick this week but nothing to hold me back from working. This week my comp and I focused our efforts on working with the youth and the leaders of the branch.  The branch is awesome and the members all want to help.  We went on splits this week and I can't remember if I told you about the first splits I went on but I hated it.  So this time I was really hesitant and I kept telling the members we couldn't go on splits because I thought it was going to be exactly like last time.  I was completely wrong... Splits this time was amazing and the members got us into less-active houses that we had always tried and never succeeded.  During the lessons the members would just ask "Bukit hindi nakapag punta sa simbah?" In English "Why aren't you going to church?" It was so direct that I thought they would get offended but they opened up and then they committed to go to church next week.  Hopefully we will see all of them at church next week  because a lot of the people here are so nice they don't want to offend you by saying no.

So this week we set another baptismal date for November 30 for 2 investigators.  They all have a strong desire but then they don't show up to church like they are supposed to so now we have to delay the baptism.  Hopefully they will realize how important church attendance really is and that it is a commandment of God.  

I told the Branch president this past week that I wouldn't be able to make it to PEC meeting because I wasn't feeling well so they brought it to me.  We held the meeting in front of our apartment.  I'm glad they came to our apartment because they gave us pretty much 17 referrals that we're going to go find this next week!  The work is picking up in our area so much.  The branch president is starting to trust us a lot.  I don't know if he trusted the last missionaries very much because they were all on their last cycle and they were all trunky.  He told us the other day he has noticed we're working hard.  It feels good to hear someone say you're working hard.

This week nothing insane or crazy happened.  I think I’m getting used to everything here.  Like as I think back to our lessons yesterday the people we taught live in houses made of bamboo and dirt floors in a swamp but I’m just so used to it I don't even recognize it anymore.  

I'm doing awesome here in the Philippines.  The work really is hastening and the church is true.  Tell Grandma I got her letter she wrote me and I’ll try and write her back some time. I still have to figure out how the mail system works here.   Also tell her thanks and it was cool to actually get a letter! 

The pictures are from the cave we went to last week.


Elder Tribe

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

May Sakit ako

Felt like a bad dream last week after I wrote you.  After I finished writing, I waited for my companion to finish emailing.  While he was finishing up writing I was laying down on a bench with the chills and a headache.  When we finally got back to the apartment, I laid down on my bed for ten minutes when all of a sudden I had to run for the door because I had to throw up!  It honestly was a repeat of the first week here in the Philippines except for not as bad.  

The next day I felt good enough to go to district meeting and then on splits with Elder Wightman from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  During splits we rode bikes which was a big thing for Elder Wightman because it was the first time he has ridden a bike in over a year.  We interviewed the three kids for baptism and then headed straight back to the apartment because I was still sick.  I honestly think that Heavenly Father was able to stop me being sick for 5 hours just so we could finish the baptismal interviews.  Right as we finished working I felt terrible and went right to bed.  

I didn't get better until Saturday morning which was a big disappointment because we really needed to work.  While at the apartment laying in bed, President Ralf and the AP's came to the front door.  They weren't there for me but for Elder Rumbaoa my companion.   My comp and President talked for 5 minutes and then they left.  My comp won't tell me what it was about but I'm almost 100% positive he's becoming an district leader.  President also told us that we're not getting transferred and I'm not training either!!!  It's good news to hear I'm not training because I don't think I'm prepared enough.  

Inline image 1
On Saturday morning I woke up feeling fine and ready for the baptism.  Preparing for the baptism, we found out the church had no water and we needed to find the two people in the whole area who knew how to turn it on!  We were freaking out a little because it takes over an hour to fill the font and the baptism started in two hours.  We finally found the 2 people and they turned on the water with just barely enough time before it had to start.  The baptism went really well and the look on the parents faces of the kids we baptized was priceless.  They all had huge smiles and you could tell they were so proud.  

Your lesson sounded delicious.  I would seriously die for some of your cookies mom!  I'm definitely going to try it with the members here.  I have no idea what you're talking about with an earthquake.  I didn't feel anything and no one here has T.V's so we never really know what's going on.  Are you really excited to get a puppy for Christmas or just sarcastic? haha I wish we could voxer to you!  That'd be awesome but it'd be too much like talking to each other.   Tell Kim to get better.  I pray for her almost every night.  What type of things are you willing to send me for Christmas?  Just like food right?  Anyways I love you mom, you're seriously amazing! 

Today was probably one of the best P-Days so far.  We went to Governor's rapid which is a cave with a waterfall in it.  You had to crawl in water with your head touching the ceiling and then it opened up into a huge cave with a waterfall.  It was really cool and I got a lot of pics but I don't know if I'll be able to send them today but I'll try. 

 The church is true.  There is true power in priesthood blessings.  The Church really is true, really. 

Love, Elder Tribe

Monday, October 14, 2013

Typhoons are Overrated!

Monday, October 14, 2013

This week nothing too crazy or weird happened.  

For the typhoon nothing crazy happened!  It's always disappointing when you get a text from the AP's saying that you should prepare for a typhoon coming to your area and then nothing happens!  It rained a lot for about 3 or 4 days and got pretty windy but just stopped today.  We didn't evacuate this time and we still worked even though it was pouring rain.  It's always good to go out when it's pouring rain because everyone is going to be home and they always let you in! 

Candle light lesson!
 We're teaching an inv. who is a 9 year old girl who is really really shy.  Like the most severe case of shyness in the entire world!  We've taught her over 10 times and she still hasn't prayed by herself.  This week we're going to tell her she can't get baptized unless she prays and hopefully that'll change her mind.  We were going to go teach her tonight but I woke up this morning not feeling good and so I don't think we're going to go teach tonight.  I'm pretty sure I have a fever or something but I’m not positive.  

Conference this week was amazing and you could tell that the prophet truly is called of God.  I really liked pretty much all the talks and how they all spoke about members helping the missionaries.  If you have a member with you the lessons go so much better!  I try to have a member present at every lesson.  Conference is a lot different here.  You have to go to the district church and when we walked in to the first session on Saturday morning there were only 14 people in total.  I understand why so few attend though.  They don't know English and none of the talks are in Tagalog!  The Sunday sessions have a lot more people but they still don't really understand anything being said.  During the Sunday morning session there was a massive spider running on people’s backs and no one knew.  It was crazy and hard to concentrate because I didn't want to be the next one having it crawl up my arm!

  The language is slowly getting better and I’m definitely better than when I was in the MTC.  I can pretty much understand what the people are saying but it's hard to respond.  I've been studying flash cards and role playing.  All the really good American missionaries say that role play was the thing that got them this good so we've been focusing on it a lot.  I still get frustrated with it because there are still so many words I don't know!  

The mission is seriously the best 2 years!  The first 3 weeks here I wanted to die but now it's just like home and I’m used to everything.  Hopefully I get better soon because when you're sick it always makes it a lot harder to be here.  Anyways, the church is seriously the only true church upon the earth!

Love, Cameron

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013
This week hasn't been hard but it hasn't been the best.  

This week we went to our investigator Meridins house.  The lesson was about the BofM and it was maybe one of the best lessons I’ll ever have.  I'm still having a hard time with the language but I get the gist of things.  She was asking questions and super involved.  You could feel the spirit super strong and after we taught her how to pray she probably gave one of the best prayers I've ever heard.  She asked to know what we're teaching is true, if the BofM is true and if this is the right path for her.  The sad thing about her situation is that she isn't married but is living with her boyfriend and two kids, so either she has to get married or move out.  We're going to try and push them for marriage.

Wednesday, we planned a lesson to teach an inv. who we haven't seen for about a week.  When we got to our fellowshippers house and told him who we were going to go teach he told us that our inv. died.  Elder Rumbaoa and I were kinda freaking out a little and ran over to his house.  Of course our fellowshipper was telling the truth.  We went back later that night to his viewing.  They are a poor family so the viewing was at their house.  While there we talked with the family about what we could do and they just asked us to pray for them.  They are less-active so we're going to teach them this week.  Hopefully they realize how important the gospel is!

Before the mission I honestly didn't like watching conference to much but now I’m looking forward to it!  I'm actually excited to watch it!  We haven't seen any conference yet.  We are watching it this weekend!  I don't know how the whole watching conference thing works here but I know we got to Alicia to watch it.  

I don't have very much to write about this week because nothing really happened.  We have three kids getting baptized on the 19th so pray for them.  My comp got sick this week so I was stuck in the apartment.  It was kinda good because I got to study the language a lot and make a ton of flash cards.  If you could give me any ideas on how to study the language that'd be great!  Hope your week goes great and I love you!

Elder Tribe

Rice that has been harvested!

Just letting him know who's boss!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Got the Package!

September 29, 2013

I got the package and it felt like Christmas when I opened it!  Tell Jon thanks for the jerky!  When I asked my comp if he wanted to eat some jerky he said "How do you eat it?  With rice?"  I thought that was hilarious!  It's exactly what any other Filipino would have said!  I haven't eaten too much from what you sent me yet because we don't have any gas to cook.  I would use the microwave but my comp had the good idea of microwaving an egg and of course it blew up!  Most of the egg is still in the microwave and I gag every time I have to use it.

The girl in the middle is our investigator and those are her friends!
I feel like I always say this but it's true, it was a way good week!  On the19th of October we have 3 kids getting baptized and maybe one more person who was a referral from the ward.  The referrals name is Marra and she has so much desire to learn about the Gospel!  We always ask her when a good time would be for our next appointment and she always say come every day!  We're going to challenge her this week to baptism on the 19th so I’ll let you know how that goes.  

The zone chapel
On Thursday we had Zone conference in Santiago.  My comp and I left our apartment pretty early just so we had enough time to eat Macdo (McDonalds) While eating in Macdo there was an old man who walked in and he was white!  It was really weird to see another white person that wasn't a missionary!  My comp kept asking me if it was my dad!  

During Zone conference we talked about Christ and what other churches believe here in the Philippines about Christ!  It was probably the best lesson I've ever had about Christ and made me realize even more how true the church really is!  

We recently got our bikes back this week or last week so we've been riding them around instead of walking everywhere!  I can definitely tell my legs are getting stronger!  Mom, you sent me that thing about tape worms and the first thing that came to my mind was what I ate this week.  I ate chicken intestine, pork blood soup with pig heart, and pig ear.  I'll try to eat better but it's hard when the members are shoving these things down my throat. I can tell I'm gaining weight but I don't know exactly how much I've gained because no one here has a scale.
Family week in Alicia!

My branch dancing at family week!
We had family week here on Saturday.  Family week is pretty much where all the branches get together have a parade, dance, President Ralf speaks, and eat food!  It was pretty fun and our branch had the best dance by far!  The missionaries didn't dance but we sang “Army of Helaman”.

Yesterday while riding our bikes to an appointment a drunk guy told us to talk to him.  So we went over and we started talking about the gospel.  When we told the guy we had to go, he said he loved us and hugged me and then whispered in my ear "I know Joseph Smith" and then he kissed my neck!  I didn't know what to do so I just got on my bike and rode away!  It was the weirdest thing in the world and my comp couldn't stop laughing!  Ha-ha it's the only kiss I’m going to get for the next two years!  Hopefully!


Elder Tribe

Friday, September 27, 2013

I Ate Snails!

September 22, 2013
I ate snails!

I couldn't think of a better title.
This week has been pretty amazing!  I'm pretty sure I walked around the Philippines twice!  This week we focused a lot on finding new investigators!  My last companion didn't like OYMing (Open Your Mouth) but the new companion loves it!  He told me he feels likes a missionary when he talks to everyone!  This week we had 26 OYMs and some of the OYMs seem interested. 

From OYMing and talking to the members, we got 3 new investigators this week!  I challenged 2 to baptism and the other 1 we’re going to go visit tomorrow!  This week we were teaching the less active catholic inv. and it was the most frustrating thing in the world!  She is the only one who isn't a member in the family but it seems like her family doesn't want her to be a member.  While I was challenging her to be baptized, her mom was just laughing hysterically and while her mom was laughing hysterically our fellowshipper decided to correct my grammar even though it was correct.  It was probably the hardest lesson I've ever taught when it probably should have been one of the best. 

Just yesterday during church a guy came up to us with his daughter and introduced us to her.  He told us that she is nine and has not been baptized yet and so we said we would start teaching her.  When we said we would teach her he said "Teach her all of the lessons today and lets baptize her tomorrow" (In Tagalog) It was the funniest thing in the world but it was still an awesome experience.  We've had a couple experiences this week where people have come up to us and told us they want to be baptized.  So in four or five weeks we should have a baptism hopefully!

About the title of this E-mail.  We were at a dinner appointment and they had snails for us to eat.  They didn't taste like anything but I didn't eat too many because they said I could get sick from them.  I also ate pigs ear, which pretty much tastes like bacon but again, I didn't eat very much because I kept thinking about what I was eating.

One funny thing I saw that you'd only see in the Philippines was a member put a logo on her garments.... I guess garments are cheaper than T-shirts and so she just bought some and put logos on them.  I don't think she realizes that she shouldn't do that.

It's been a really good week and with a lot of work.  My comp keeps telling me we have to work hard because the harder you work on your mission the better looking your wife will be.  I hope it's true because we're working really hard!  

The work in our area is going great.  The other day I was pretty frustrated with my Tagalog.  While walking I was thinking about how I don't know Tagalog at all but then I realized that I was understanding what the people around me were saying.  The gift of tongues is real!  My comp keeps telling me a quote about how you can't be the best all at once and it's definitely true.  The church is true!
mahal ko kayo (I love you)

Elder Tribe  
Caught this little guy in the apartment.  He wasn't little!  I drowned it in our trash can

Just hanging out!  The sign that i always do with my hand means handsome

Just a cute little girl!

Fishing in the Philippines!  With a bamboo stick and some worms!  I caught a huge mac dad!

Just some neighborhood kids!