Wednesday, October 23, 2013

May Sakit ako

Felt like a bad dream last week after I wrote you.  After I finished writing, I waited for my companion to finish emailing.  While he was finishing up writing I was laying down on a bench with the chills and a headache.  When we finally got back to the apartment, I laid down on my bed for ten minutes when all of a sudden I had to run for the door because I had to throw up!  It honestly was a repeat of the first week here in the Philippines except for not as bad.  

The next day I felt good enough to go to district meeting and then on splits with Elder Wightman from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  During splits we rode bikes which was a big thing for Elder Wightman because it was the first time he has ridden a bike in over a year.  We interviewed the three kids for baptism and then headed straight back to the apartment because I was still sick.  I honestly think that Heavenly Father was able to stop me being sick for 5 hours just so we could finish the baptismal interviews.  Right as we finished working I felt terrible and went right to bed.  

I didn't get better until Saturday morning which was a big disappointment because we really needed to work.  While at the apartment laying in bed, President Ralf and the AP's came to the front door.  They weren't there for me but for Elder Rumbaoa my companion.   My comp and President talked for 5 minutes and then they left.  My comp won't tell me what it was about but I'm almost 100% positive he's becoming an district leader.  President also told us that we're not getting transferred and I'm not training either!!!  It's good news to hear I'm not training because I don't think I'm prepared enough.  

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On Saturday morning I woke up feeling fine and ready for the baptism.  Preparing for the baptism, we found out the church had no water and we needed to find the two people in the whole area who knew how to turn it on!  We were freaking out a little because it takes over an hour to fill the font and the baptism started in two hours.  We finally found the 2 people and they turned on the water with just barely enough time before it had to start.  The baptism went really well and the look on the parents faces of the kids we baptized was priceless.  They all had huge smiles and you could tell they were so proud.  

Your lesson sounded delicious.  I would seriously die for some of your cookies mom!  I'm definitely going to try it with the members here.  I have no idea what you're talking about with an earthquake.  I didn't feel anything and no one here has T.V's so we never really know what's going on.  Are you really excited to get a puppy for Christmas or just sarcastic? haha I wish we could voxer to you!  That'd be awesome but it'd be too much like talking to each other.   Tell Kim to get better.  I pray for her almost every night.  What type of things are you willing to send me for Christmas?  Just like food right?  Anyways I love you mom, you're seriously amazing! 

Today was probably one of the best P-Days so far.  We went to Governor's rapid which is a cave with a waterfall in it.  You had to crawl in water with your head touching the ceiling and then it opened up into a huge cave with a waterfall.  It was really cool and I got a lot of pics but I don't know if I'll be able to send them today but I'll try. 

 The church is true.  There is true power in priesthood blessings.  The Church really is true, really. 

Love, Elder Tribe

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