Monday, October 14, 2013

Typhoons are Overrated!

Monday, October 14, 2013

This week nothing too crazy or weird happened.  

For the typhoon nothing crazy happened!  It's always disappointing when you get a text from the AP's saying that you should prepare for a typhoon coming to your area and then nothing happens!  It rained a lot for about 3 or 4 days and got pretty windy but just stopped today.  We didn't evacuate this time and we still worked even though it was pouring rain.  It's always good to go out when it's pouring rain because everyone is going to be home and they always let you in! 

Candle light lesson!
 We're teaching an inv. who is a 9 year old girl who is really really shy.  Like the most severe case of shyness in the entire world!  We've taught her over 10 times and she still hasn't prayed by herself.  This week we're going to tell her she can't get baptized unless she prays and hopefully that'll change her mind.  We were going to go teach her tonight but I woke up this morning not feeling good and so I don't think we're going to go teach tonight.  I'm pretty sure I have a fever or something but I’m not positive.  

Conference this week was amazing and you could tell that the prophet truly is called of God.  I really liked pretty much all the talks and how they all spoke about members helping the missionaries.  If you have a member with you the lessons go so much better!  I try to have a member present at every lesson.  Conference is a lot different here.  You have to go to the district church and when we walked in to the first session on Saturday morning there were only 14 people in total.  I understand why so few attend though.  They don't know English and none of the talks are in Tagalog!  The Sunday sessions have a lot more people but they still don't really understand anything being said.  During the Sunday morning session there was a massive spider running on people’s backs and no one knew.  It was crazy and hard to concentrate because I didn't want to be the next one having it crawl up my arm!

  The language is slowly getting better and I’m definitely better than when I was in the MTC.  I can pretty much understand what the people are saying but it's hard to respond.  I've been studying flash cards and role playing.  All the really good American missionaries say that role play was the thing that got them this good so we've been focusing on it a lot.  I still get frustrated with it because there are still so many words I don't know!  

The mission is seriously the best 2 years!  The first 3 weeks here I wanted to die but now it's just like home and I’m used to everything.  Hopefully I get better soon because when you're sick it always makes it a lot harder to be here.  Anyways, the church is seriously the only true church upon the earth!

Love, Cameron

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