Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013
This week hasn't been hard but it hasn't been the best.  

This week we went to our investigator Meridins house.  The lesson was about the BofM and it was maybe one of the best lessons I’ll ever have.  I'm still having a hard time with the language but I get the gist of things.  She was asking questions and super involved.  You could feel the spirit super strong and after we taught her how to pray she probably gave one of the best prayers I've ever heard.  She asked to know what we're teaching is true, if the BofM is true and if this is the right path for her.  The sad thing about her situation is that she isn't married but is living with her boyfriend and two kids, so either she has to get married or move out.  We're going to try and push them for marriage.

Wednesday, we planned a lesson to teach an inv. who we haven't seen for about a week.  When we got to our fellowshippers house and told him who we were going to go teach he told us that our inv. died.  Elder Rumbaoa and I were kinda freaking out a little and ran over to his house.  Of course our fellowshipper was telling the truth.  We went back later that night to his viewing.  They are a poor family so the viewing was at their house.  While there we talked with the family about what we could do and they just asked us to pray for them.  They are less-active so we're going to teach them this week.  Hopefully they realize how important the gospel is!

Before the mission I honestly didn't like watching conference to much but now I’m looking forward to it!  I'm actually excited to watch it!  We haven't seen any conference yet.  We are watching it this weekend!  I don't know how the whole watching conference thing works here but I know we got to Alicia to watch it.  

I don't have very much to write about this week because nothing really happened.  We have three kids getting baptized on the 19th so pray for them.  My comp got sick this week so I was stuck in the apartment.  It was kinda good because I got to study the language a lot and make a ton of flash cards.  If you could give me any ideas on how to study the language that'd be great!  Hope your week goes great and I love you!

Elder Tribe

Rice that has been harvested!

Just letting him know who's boss!

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