Thursday, October 31, 2013

Officially lived in the Philippines for 3 months...

Monday, October 28, 2013
Still blows my mind every time I think that I live in the Philippines!

How's everything going back at home because it's amazing here!  I can't believe it's already Halloween.  The Holidays on the mission don't really exist it's just another day which is kind of sad.  

This last week after we wrote you it was transfer week like I said.  My comp became a district leader like I predicted.  I was still a little sick this week but nothing to hold me back from working. This week my comp and I focused our efforts on working with the youth and the leaders of the branch.  The branch is awesome and the members all want to help.  We went on splits this week and I can't remember if I told you about the first splits I went on but I hated it.  So this time I was really hesitant and I kept telling the members we couldn't go on splits because I thought it was going to be exactly like last time.  I was completely wrong... Splits this time was amazing and the members got us into less-active houses that we had always tried and never succeeded.  During the lessons the members would just ask "Bukit hindi nakapag punta sa simbah?" In English "Why aren't you going to church?" It was so direct that I thought they would get offended but they opened up and then they committed to go to church next week.  Hopefully we will see all of them at church next week  because a lot of the people here are so nice they don't want to offend you by saying no.

So this week we set another baptismal date for November 30 for 2 investigators.  They all have a strong desire but then they don't show up to church like they are supposed to so now we have to delay the baptism.  Hopefully they will realize how important church attendance really is and that it is a commandment of God.  

I told the Branch president this past week that I wouldn't be able to make it to PEC meeting because I wasn't feeling well so they brought it to me.  We held the meeting in front of our apartment.  I'm glad they came to our apartment because they gave us pretty much 17 referrals that we're going to go find this next week!  The work is picking up in our area so much.  The branch president is starting to trust us a lot.  I don't know if he trusted the last missionaries very much because they were all on their last cycle and they were all trunky.  He told us the other day he has noticed we're working hard.  It feels good to hear someone say you're working hard.

This week nothing insane or crazy happened.  I think I’m getting used to everything here.  Like as I think back to our lessons yesterday the people we taught live in houses made of bamboo and dirt floors in a swamp but I’m just so used to it I don't even recognize it anymore.  

I'm doing awesome here in the Philippines.  The work really is hastening and the church is true.  Tell Grandma I got her letter she wrote me and I’ll try and write her back some time. I still have to figure out how the mail system works here.   Also tell her thanks and it was cool to actually get a letter! 

The pictures are from the cave we went to last week.


Elder Tribe

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