Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long yet fast week?

Usually I write about how fast the weeks are going but ever since I started training things have seemed to slow down but the work seems to be picking up.  

We had some amazing lessons this week and probably some of the best my whole mission.  Elder Saguire and I are so in tune and everything runs so smoothly during the lessons it's amazing.  He did surprise me the other day though during one of our first lessons with three brand new investigators.  I just finished talking and while he is teaching them the branch president whispers something to me during the lesson and the next thing you know I hear Elder Saguire invite them to be baptized on August 2nd!  It shocked everyone in the whole room but they all said yes.  After the lesson my comp was super happy and just kept saying "That's the first time I've ever challenged anyone to be baptized and did you see their faces?  They were so happy!" 

This week the Branch President texted us and told us to meet him at Lamut Pharmacy at 1 because he has a referral for us.  We met him there and headed over to their house.  When we got there it was a part member family of five with the wife being the only member.  We had a really great lesson and challenged them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and also go to church. 
On Saturday night we had a service project at Nay Barcias house.  She is a single mom with five kids.  Her husband one day just got up and left.  She has no idea if he's dead or anything.  We thought we were going to wash her laundry for her but we ended up just carrying a lot of water from a water pump and then back to her house.  After the service project we stopped by at President Queniones's house and talked about the branch and the people we are teaching.  When we left his house he came with us and we saw President Dunluan the District President here.  They invited us over and gave us a Durian fruit.  The fruit is the nastiest thing in the world!  It smells like garbage and is the consistency of rotten gooey cheese.  They kept saying "Smells like hell but tastes like heaven."  They were wrong, it definitely doesn't taste like heaven, more like garbage.  The worst part about it was that my fingers i think, might permanently smell like garbage. 
On Sunday morning we had two investigators come to church but next week will be way better!

I love all you guys!
Elder Tribe

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome straight from the MTC, Elder Saguire!

Well I'm a trainer now and it's a lot harder than I thought'd be.

So on Tuesday morning I said goodbye to Elder Hawlader and then the housing Elders in Cauayan picked me up and I went on splits with them the rest of the day.  They have their own car a 2014 Ford Ranger that is pretty sweet and when they're driving it's basically like a a video game.  We drive really fast and over take people like crazy.  We almost died like 3 times too!  

One Wednesday morning we got up and headed to the church in Cauayan to hear the transfer lists for everyone getting transferred.  I then waited all day until 2 pm to hear who my new trainee was going to be.  When the new Elders and Sisters come in we all stood up and sang "Called to Serve" as they took their seats.  One of the new Elders got up and said the prayer but no one understood it because it was in Cebuano and that got me even more nervous to think I would get a Philippino who didn't know how to speak Tagalog.  We then sang the mission song and watched a slideshow about the mission.  When they started to read off the names of who was going to be comps with what person, my heart started to beat kinda fast and I was a little nervous.  When they read my name, I stood up and then they read my new comps name Elder Saguire.  (Sa-gear-eeeeee)  He was the elder who got up earlier and gave the prayer.  I walked over, gave him a hug, took a picture and then we got on the bus to go back to Salano.  

At first it was really awkward because he was watching everything I was doing and buying everything I was buying.  It was really like he was my child.  He's grown up a little and has done some things on his own now.  He still is having a hard time speaking Tagalog but he understands everything.  He is from Negros Occidental Philippines.  He is the first in his family to go on a mission and hopefully I can be a good trainer for him.  Its definitely been different training someone but I'm learning a lot from him. 

Pray for me because I need the help! 

Love you everyone!

On a road trip with housing elders.
The sign says:
Be careful a lot of people have died here.
Be careful while driving.
The text message says:
Babe, I'm pregnant how did this happen?
Love you everyone!
Crazy guy at church trying to jump the fence because the gates locked

New Companion

Craziest week of the mish so far..... June 29, 2014

So this week we were in our area a total of one day.  We traveled the whole mission the whole week figuring out school for Elder Hawlader and finishing his papers for his exit Visa.  

On Tuesday morning we got on a tour bus and headed to Tuguegaroa for Elder Hawlader to enroll at St. Paul's college.  We got out of the apartment at 7:30 A.M. and arrived in Tuguegaroa around 6 P.M.  While on the bus ride up I got a phone call from the AP's telling me I need to be at the mission home on Wednesday morning at10am for the Trainers training meeting.  I'm gonna be a daddy!  On Wednesday morning at around 7am I got up and went on splits with another Elder who is training and we headed to Cauayan for the meeting.  In the meeting, they of course taught us how to be trainers.  What we should do the first day and how to get them leading and doing everything as soon as possible.  After the meeting we ate some pizza and waited for Elder Hawlader.  When he showed up we went back to our area.

When we got up the next day we got a call from President Rahlf telling us Elder Hawlader has to go to Manila to finish his exit Visa papers.  He left immediately and I went on splits with the ZL's the rest of the week until Saturday night.  The splits with the ZL's was great and I learned a lot.  I also learned how much I love air conditioning!  They have two air con units in their house and it is amazing.  Never slept better and I actually used a blanket!

Finally on Saturday night really late Elder Hawlader got back.  We went to church the next morning where Elder H gave his last testimony. We had lunch and then we went around to the people and said goodbye.  Now he's packing and getting everything ready for tomorrow and then I'll stay with the ZL's again until I get my comp.  
I just read where the new elders are coming from and they are all from the Philippines.  That's kind of a relief that they'll hopefully actually know Tagalog.  

Well, I'll let you know how this week goes.  This is definitely going to be hard but it'll be good for me and I'll learn a lot. 
Cute kids

They stole my camera and took a selfie.

Water filter (on right) after 3 weeks use.

Elder Cameron Tribe

This was actually June 22, 2014

This week... I can't really remember anything that happened. We did have a great FHE and birthday with the Valdez family.  I bought a cake for the birthday because they're having a pretty hard time right now.  We have a good lesson about the atonement and then played booga booga.  I can't really tell you what booga booga is because you're not members yet but when I get home I'll show you all.  When I get back we better have family home evenings again.  FHE is the thing I look forward to the most and the one thing everyone is focusing on here is the family. 

The area this week has been getting better with member support.  Everyone has been asking us to come over for dinner the last couple days and we have appointments all week so even if the work still isn't the best the members are helping. 

We headed to the hospital this week to check out Elder Hawladers kidneys and everything.  They did a lot of tests and about 4000 pesos later they found out nothing is wrong with him and he might just have muscle pain.
The next transfer day is coming up on July 3 so we'll find out what happens and who my new companion is. 

Birthday girl!

Sneak peek to Booga Booga

Sorry nothing really interesting happened this week kaya medyo maliit yung sulat ko.  Elder Tribe