Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long yet fast week?

Usually I write about how fast the weeks are going but ever since I started training things have seemed to slow down but the work seems to be picking up.  

We had some amazing lessons this week and probably some of the best my whole mission.  Elder Saguire and I are so in tune and everything runs so smoothly during the lessons it's amazing.  He did surprise me the other day though during one of our first lessons with three brand new investigators.  I just finished talking and while he is teaching them the branch president whispers something to me during the lesson and the next thing you know I hear Elder Saguire invite them to be baptized on August 2nd!  It shocked everyone in the whole room but they all said yes.  After the lesson my comp was super happy and just kept saying "That's the first time I've ever challenged anyone to be baptized and did you see their faces?  They were so happy!" 

This week the Branch President texted us and told us to meet him at Lamut Pharmacy at 1 because he has a referral for us.  We met him there and headed over to their house.  When we got there it was a part member family of five with the wife being the only member.  We had a really great lesson and challenged them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and also go to church. 
On Saturday night we had a service project at Nay Barcias house.  She is a single mom with five kids.  Her husband one day just got up and left.  She has no idea if he's dead or anything.  We thought we were going to wash her laundry for her but we ended up just carrying a lot of water from a water pump and then back to her house.  After the service project we stopped by at President Queniones's house and talked about the branch and the people we are teaching.  When we left his house he came with us and we saw President Dunluan the District President here.  They invited us over and gave us a Durian fruit.  The fruit is the nastiest thing in the world!  It smells like garbage and is the consistency of rotten gooey cheese.  They kept saying "Smells like hell but tastes like heaven."  They were wrong, it definitely doesn't taste like heaven, more like garbage.  The worst part about it was that my fingers i think, might permanently smell like garbage. 
On Sunday morning we had two investigators come to church but next week will be way better!

I love all you guys!
Elder Tribe

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