Sunday, July 13, 2014

Craziest week of the mish so far..... June 29, 2014

So this week we were in our area a total of one day.  We traveled the whole mission the whole week figuring out school for Elder Hawlader and finishing his papers for his exit Visa.  

On Tuesday morning we got on a tour bus and headed to Tuguegaroa for Elder Hawlader to enroll at St. Paul's college.  We got out of the apartment at 7:30 A.M. and arrived in Tuguegaroa around 6 P.M.  While on the bus ride up I got a phone call from the AP's telling me I need to be at the mission home on Wednesday morning at10am for the Trainers training meeting.  I'm gonna be a daddy!  On Wednesday morning at around 7am I got up and went on splits with another Elder who is training and we headed to Cauayan for the meeting.  In the meeting, they of course taught us how to be trainers.  What we should do the first day and how to get them leading and doing everything as soon as possible.  After the meeting we ate some pizza and waited for Elder Hawlader.  When he showed up we went back to our area.

When we got up the next day we got a call from President Rahlf telling us Elder Hawlader has to go to Manila to finish his exit Visa papers.  He left immediately and I went on splits with the ZL's the rest of the week until Saturday night.  The splits with the ZL's was great and I learned a lot.  I also learned how much I love air conditioning!  They have two air con units in their house and it is amazing.  Never slept better and I actually used a blanket!

Finally on Saturday night really late Elder Hawlader got back.  We went to church the next morning where Elder H gave his last testimony. We had lunch and then we went around to the people and said goodbye.  Now he's packing and getting everything ready for tomorrow and then I'll stay with the ZL's again until I get my comp.  
I just read where the new elders are coming from and they are all from the Philippines.  That's kind of a relief that they'll hopefully actually know Tagalog.  

Well, I'll let you know how this week goes.  This is definitely going to be hard but it'll be good for me and I'll learn a lot. 
Cute kids

They stole my camera and took a selfie.

Water filter (on right) after 3 weeks use.

Elder Cameron Tribe

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