Sunday, July 13, 2014

This was actually June 22, 2014

This week... I can't really remember anything that happened. We did have a great FHE and birthday with the Valdez family.  I bought a cake for the birthday because they're having a pretty hard time right now.  We have a good lesson about the atonement and then played booga booga.  I can't really tell you what booga booga is because you're not members yet but when I get home I'll show you all.  When I get back we better have family home evenings again.  FHE is the thing I look forward to the most and the one thing everyone is focusing on here is the family. 

The area this week has been getting better with member support.  Everyone has been asking us to come over for dinner the last couple days and we have appointments all week so even if the work still isn't the best the members are helping. 

We headed to the hospital this week to check out Elder Hawladers kidneys and everything.  They did a lot of tests and about 4000 pesos later they found out nothing is wrong with him and he might just have muscle pain.
The next transfer day is coming up on July 3 so we'll find out what happens and who my new companion is. 

Birthday girl!

Sneak peek to Booga Booga

Sorry nothing really interesting happened this week kaya medyo maliit yung sulat ko.  Elder Tribe 

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