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Got the Package!

September 29, 2013

I got the package and it felt like Christmas when I opened it!  Tell Jon thanks for the jerky!  When I asked my comp if he wanted to eat some jerky he said "How do you eat it?  With rice?"  I thought that was hilarious!  It's exactly what any other Filipino would have said!  I haven't eaten too much from what you sent me yet because we don't have any gas to cook.  I would use the microwave but my comp had the good idea of microwaving an egg and of course it blew up!  Most of the egg is still in the microwave and I gag every time I have to use it.

The girl in the middle is our investigator and those are her friends!
I feel like I always say this but it's true, it was a way good week!  On the19th of October we have 3 kids getting baptized and maybe one more person who was a referral from the ward.  The referrals name is Marra and she has so much desire to learn about the Gospel!  We always ask her when a good time would be for our next appointment and she always say come every day!  We're going to challenge her this week to baptism on the 19th so I’ll let you know how that goes.  

The zone chapel
On Thursday we had Zone conference in Santiago.  My comp and I left our apartment pretty early just so we had enough time to eat Macdo (McDonalds) While eating in Macdo there was an old man who walked in and he was white!  It was really weird to see another white person that wasn't a missionary!  My comp kept asking me if it was my dad!  

During Zone conference we talked about Christ and what other churches believe here in the Philippines about Christ!  It was probably the best lesson I've ever had about Christ and made me realize even more how true the church really is!  

We recently got our bikes back this week or last week so we've been riding them around instead of walking everywhere!  I can definitely tell my legs are getting stronger!  Mom, you sent me that thing about tape worms and the first thing that came to my mind was what I ate this week.  I ate chicken intestine, pork blood soup with pig heart, and pig ear.  I'll try to eat better but it's hard when the members are shoving these things down my throat. I can tell I'm gaining weight but I don't know exactly how much I've gained because no one here has a scale.
Family week in Alicia!

My branch dancing at family week!
We had family week here on Saturday.  Family week is pretty much where all the branches get together have a parade, dance, President Ralf speaks, and eat food!  It was pretty fun and our branch had the best dance by far!  The missionaries didn't dance but we sang “Army of Helaman”.

Yesterday while riding our bikes to an appointment a drunk guy told us to talk to him.  So we went over and we started talking about the gospel.  When we told the guy we had to go, he said he loved us and hugged me and then whispered in my ear "I know Joseph Smith" and then he kissed my neck!  I didn't know what to do so I just got on my bike and rode away!  It was the weirdest thing in the world and my comp couldn't stop laughing!  Ha-ha it's the only kiss I’m going to get for the next two years!  Hopefully!


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