Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey Fam!

Felt like I was sitting in this same chair just yesterday.  This week has gone by really fast and a lot is happening in our area.  I think because of what happened in the Tacloban mission people realize that life is fragile and that at any moment a storm could come hit us and wipe us all out.  

This week probably was the best week so far in my area.  So on Tuesday, we got a new zone goal to ask for referrals from the members more because one referral is equivalent to knocking on like over 650 doors.  So this week we had a lot of lessons centered towards referrals and we received nine of them.  We have only contacted 3 but the three are amazing! 

Fellowshipper Namin
So this week I went on splits in Echague with Elder Datario.  At first I thought I wasn't going to like the splits at all but it turned out to be one of the better splits I've ever had.  We had a dinner appointment in Echague and while I was helping clean up the food, I went into the kitchen and there were 3 mice stuck to a sticky pad.  I walked out of the kitchen to get more things and when I came back there were 4.  It made me wonder if what I ate was clean.

When we contacted one referral this week, the guy is so prepared for the Gospel it's crazy.  He talked to us about how he wants to quit drinking and smoking and how he wants to change.  He told us he's been to prison and how he wants to feel forgiven for stabbing a guy.  He sounds sketchy from writing this, but he honestly is the coolest guy in the world.  We've gone back a couple times to teach him but every time he's been drunk so we would just talk.  Hopefully this week we'll be able to teach him a little and tell him about the Word of Wisdom.  

On Friday, we had splits with the Zone leaders and I stayed in Dagupan.  The split was really good but the elder I was with didn't like riding bikes around too much.  He kept asking when we were going to drop off the bikes at the apartment and just walk but I kept telling him we're going to use them whole time.  During splits we found a less active and an investigator in an area I had never been in before.

So this last Sunday was probably one of the happiest days on my mission.  When I was sitting up on the stand to bless the bread I looked out in the pews and saw 3 investigators who had shown up and also 2 less actives.  It was the best feeling in the world!  Before they came to church I told Elder Rumbaoa it would be my biggest achievement so far in the mission if those two less actives would come.  It was a really good feeling....

Love Elder Tribe

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