Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kilala mo po ba si Eli Manning?

Are the weeks as fast for you as they are for me? 

Water Game
The work this week was really good and REALLY good for my Tagalog.  On Wednesday night we had an FHE/Birthday at a members house.  There were a ton of people and we found a lot of less-actives.  The less-actives were asking us why we never come and visit them and so we worked really hard on contacting the less-actives in that area this week.  The lesson at the FHE was the hardest lesson I've ever taught because the lesson we were teaching I had never practiced before but the lesson was still good.  After the lesson, we were all playing games and we were playing the game where you throw the water in there face if they guess the thing right.  So of course I pick the right one but they dump the whole cup of water on my face! It was pretty funny and I was dripping wet so I got revenge when it was my turn.

On Thursday I went on splits with Elder Young from Duchesne Utah.  Elder Young has only been out for six months so our experience doesn't even total over one year yet.  This split helped my Tagalog a lot.  We were both kind of just laughing because we didn't know how good the lessons were going to be. But when we started teaching, it probably was one of the better lessons I've ever given.  His area is pretty difficult right now because they have no investigators so we ran out of people to teach after the first couple hours.  So we went tracting for the rest of the day.  We didn't know really what to expect because I've never done an OYM completely by myself. But lets just say I'm a lot more confident now.  It was by far the funnest thing I've ever done while being productive on my mission.  This is basically how I OYM in Tagalog.  

Pwede po ba magtanong

Kilala mo po ba si Carmen Electra?  (We say famous people because it's funny.) 

Then they'll say a bunch of stuff acting like they know where they(the celebrity) lives and they'll tell us probably just down the road a little ways.

We just make small talk a little bit and then we'll ask them if they know who we are and then we'll introduce ourselves and then share the Gospel.

It gets pretty funny some times because of the names we use and how the people act like they know who we are talking about.  

I got kissed again for the second time by a drunk guy this week.  I've decided I need to stay away from drunk people in general even though they are really fun to OYM.  Don't worry he didn't kiss my face just my hand. 

This week was super fun and super productive.  We have a lot of things going on in the area and there should be a baptism this week.  We're not totally sure yet if the baptism is going to happen because we're not 100% positive they are completely converted. 

   We haven't been able to really teach the referral we had last week because every time we go by he is drunk.  I think we need to just make a set time with him and then he won't be drunk when we come by.

Anyways just a good week overall.  

Elder Tribe

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