Friday, December 20, 2013

Short Letter this Week!

So this week we basically did nothing worth writing about.  My companion is still pretty trunky and so it's kind of hard to get out and do things. 

 We do have a pretty sweet investigator named Arjay.  He's 17 and is probably what you would call a golden investigator.  The other day he told us that he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and he said he got an answer that it was true.  The spirit was so strong when he said it that I had goose bumps.  He has a scheduled baptism on the 28th so please pray for him that he'll be ready.

So this week I ordered myself a ukulele for Christmas.  There is an American here who will get you anything you want.  I'm kind of excited to learn how to play it. The only thing that I do for fun in the apartment is read the Tagalog dictionary.  I think my Tagalog has improved like crazy ever since I got this new comp.  Everything is done in Tagalog and I can already see the improvement.  The other day we had a lesson and I was saying things I have never said before and it was a way good feeling.
As you can tell not to much has happened in our area so please pray for us that we will find some people to teach. 

 It's crazy I get to call home in a couple weeks!  Don't forget to call in the morning before we skype or google hangout so we can figure everything out.  Love you all!

Elder Tribe
P.S. Not sure if I'm going to send very many pictures from this computer shop anymore.  I'm pretty sure I got a virus on my SD card so I guess we'll see what happens. 

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