Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Area!!!

Well this week has been the craziest week so far of the mission.

Bagong apartment
On Monday and Tuesday I didn't get to say goodbye to the members in Dagupan so it was kind of a sad goodbye.  I didn't think I would miss that area too much but after seeing it change and the progress it has made, to just leave it was kind of sad.  I contacted the new missionaries in the area and they told me Marra and Salvi were baptized.  It was an awesome feeling to know that even after I left things still are progressing.
So this week as you all know was transfer week and I got transferred to Ramon, malapit sa Santiago. My new companion is Elder Dionisio (Jewnishow).  The first words he said to me were that he was trunky.  President talked to me a little later after we were made companions and he told me to make sure Dionisio doesn't get trunky and that we work.  I'm pretty sure nothing has been done in this area for at least 6 weeks or more.

It is a way cool area and all the members here are super nice.  We have a dinner appointment every night and sometimes we have lunch appointments.  Its been a crazy first couple days here!  The ward had their Christmas party the first night I was here and then a funeral the next day.  They asked me to give the opening prayer at the funeral and then dedicate the grave.  It was a new experience for sure!  The ward members here are all pretty rich and they were throwing money around during the ward Christmas party!  It was a good time!

I'm in a way better apartment with four Elders and we even have a washing machine!  They are all Filipinos and so all we speak is Tagalog.  It is helping me with the language so much!  Before in Dagupan it was basically English 24/7 other than during lessons but here it's Tagalog 24/7.  

Front door looking in

Everything is going great here, just a little slow with the work here.  My coordinates are Latitude 16.778842, Longitude 121.534037 

Anyways everything is going great here with me and I hope every time you think of snow or skiing you think of me cause every time you say skiing or snow I miss home!  Everyone is telling me it's freezing back home but I'm sweating like crazy writing this to you! Love you all!

Elder Tribe
Shower head doesn't work
We have to pump our water

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