Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Week!

It was good talking to everyone this week!  I kinda feel bad I didn't speak any Tagalog and I didn't even bear my testimony but I promise next time to share my testimony at least.  Hopefully next time it won't be as hard to hang up. 
Dad just told me that Elder Stucki and Elder Ford are almost home.  I feel like they left yesterday.  It blows my mind how fast two years really go and how much faster they go when you're working.    

Well, this Christmas was really good!  After I called you we spent the rest of the day with members and played games and ate a lot of food.  After I called you I'm not going to lie I was pretty trunky.  I walked out of the Computer shop and just realized that I was still in the Philippines and the next time I see you I'll be out a year but good thing the mission is seriously flying by.  

So this week I went on splits with Elder McCausland from Florida.  I think I've told you but he's only been out one cycle so it's kind of fun to go and teach with him.  We only taught one lesson and I didn't say anything because he said Amen before I could but it's good to know how much my Tagalog has improved since I first got here.  
On Sunday we had a really good day where we taught four lessons and found a bunch of less-active and potential investigators.  

So today we had a community service project at 7 a .m. where we moved a huge pile of dirt.  It was pretty annoying hearing everyone talk about me asking if I needed help and stuff because I'm American.  I don't think they realize I was worked like a slave back home and that this is easy work.  I'm just kidding about the slave labor!  

Hopefully this week we'll get to work and find some new people to teach.  Arjay hasn't responded to any of our texts or calls for a week so please pray that we'll be able to talk to him soon.  Hopefully it's just because of the Holiday season and he's busy.  

I can't wait to talk to you again in 5 short months!
Elder Tribe 

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