Thursday, January 30, 2014

Working Hard!

Seriously worked freaking hard this week.  So in my area this week we've been having days where we don't have a single lesson and it's been ridiculous so we've been praying for success in the area and what do you know, prayers are really answered. 

We went out to contact a referral we got from a member and it was the best referral ever.  The guy has a sweet story where his child was going to die and the doctor was telling them there was no hope so he called the bishop and asked for a blessing for his child.  The bishop gave the blessing and within seconds after the blessing the baby went from purple to normal skin color like nothing ever happened.  He already has a testimony of the church even though he's not a member and it awesome. The lesson was good and the whole little barangay listened so we got a ton of new investigators.  

Went on splits with Elder Mcausland this week and he only knows a little Tagalog so it was a little scary at first but all the lessons went well and we found a bunch of less actives.  It was a way good day for the area and it was cool to learn where all of these less actives live.

So this week at church it was the first time I've had a investigator at church in over a month and what was even better was we didn't even know who the family was.  They read the visitors welcome and just decided to come!  This week we're gonna go teach them and actually find where they live.  

The work is actually picking up in my area.  Prayers are answered.  Miracles really do happen. Thanks for the prayers I know they're helping!
2 little girls that always run in during the middle of lessons!  But they are freaking cute!

Beggar Kids

Love you guys!
Elder Tribe

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