Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cold Week!

Well, Meredith last week was pretty mad my letter was so short and I didn't send any pictures so I'll try to make up for it this week!
This week was a little crazy with transfers and everything but the craziness was for the better.  I got Elder Rocamada from Pangasinan, Philippines and he is a straight up stud and a hard worker.  He is seriously my hero right now.  He's a convert of only a couple years and is 26 years old.  He is the only member is his family and his family does not write him on P-day and won't talk to him even on Christmas or Mothers day (Pretty messed up).  His mom passed away when he was little and if I were him I probably would have been home by now.  Anyway I look up to him a lot for choosing to go on a mission even though everyone he loves is against it.

Well, Meredith last week told me that with this next comp the first thing you should do is go out and work and that is exactly what I did. Right when he became my comp and we were in our area we went to work.  He didn't even have time to unpack!  Since he is our DL and with the new mission rules and things our area has to be an example area for the other Elders and sisters so we have been working like crazy!  The work has been really frustrating because we get punted from every appointment but we've been having really good OYM's.  The other day we were waiting to go to an appointment and kind of just walking around looking for people to talk to when we passed a nice old lady and just started chatting.  When we started chatting about religion and stuff she started to just cry and she said that she had a daughter die a little while ago from cancer and it was amazing to tell her that we can all return to live with our families again.  It was probably the best OYM I've ever had and it's exactly what we need in this area - some investigators.  

The other day after working and not having a single lesson and being pretty bumbed I was kind of  just sitting there in the apartment and the other Elder said "don't worry man you can't chop down a tree with one swing."  After he said that it kind of made me realize that we're gonna have to give it our best and then some to turn this area into an example area and that nothing comes all at once and the things that take a little more time and patience are always way better than just getting something for free.
I'm excited for the new comp and basically a new area to work in.  I just read Elder Smith's letter home and he mentioned a Wiz Khalifa quote "Work hard play hard."  The most true thing ever and I'm a proud supporter of it also a wise man named Jeff Sorenson told me "Early to bed late to rise" but I'll use that back home!

Anyways love you guys back home!

Tracting and he is the only one home.

I brush and floss every day!

Mahal kita!
Elder Tribe

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