Saturday, January 18, 2014

Transfer Week!

I just got the text from the ZL's telling us who is getting transferred and I guess I'm staying in Ramon and my comp is leaving.  Which means I'm getting a new comp this week!  

For the first time this week I went on splits in my area!  I went on splits with the ZL's and it was a good time.  We got punted from every single lesson I had planned so I came up with a new plan to go to people who had been dropped by the other missionaries.  When we went back to some of the houses it was amazing because you could tell they missed the missionaries.  

I read Blake's letter and I know what he is talking about when people get lazy and the work is hard.  We taught Sister Agasid a lot this week and she kept telling us "I promise to come to church." Well when we went to pick her up this week she wasn't there.  It's honestly so frustrating but I know she is just nervous and needs a little bit more of a push.  We're still having a hard time with Arjay but I know for him it's going to take just a little time because his family.

I think with a new comp the work in the area is going to pick up and we'll have lots of success.  

Also I thought it was kinda funny the other day in Elders quorum the teacher asked "What's the newest invention you can think of?"  Everyone started saying electronic dishwashers and Iphone10.  Do Iphone10's exist?  I thought it was kinda funny.

My area right now is a ward and the average attendance is like 120.  The members aren't the best at fellowshipping they always take over the lesson so we tend not to use them anymore.  The people who fit our clothes kind of don't want us to teach them.  We had 2 new inv. this week but they're just the one's you teach once and then never see them again. 

It blows my mind all these people are getting home from their missions.  It really feels like the other day I was at their farewells.  

Mahal kita!
Elder Tribe

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