Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I can't believe it's already 2014!

Well this week on New Years we had a blast!  I've decided the best place to be in the world on New Years is in the Philippines.  At midnight I'm almost positive everyone and their dogs was celebrating by blasting music, lighting fireworks, and honking their horns!  It was seriously the craziest thing ever and it felt like a war zone! 

Floating House
The next day the work was just as good.  I found a place here that will fit my clothes for me for really cheap.  So I had them fit a shirt for me and when I came back to pick it up we OYM'd them and taught them right on the spot.  The lesson was amazing and they were crying.  They told us that they don't think it's by accident we found them on the first day of the year and that they know we were sent there to help them change.

 We also made contact with Arjay this week after not being able to contact him for two weeks.  He told us that he isn't sure he wants to get baptized anymore because his family wants him to stay Catholic.  It's the worst feeling in the world to have some one tell you that when you know this is the true church.  Hopefully we'll be able to teach him again and just let him know that this church really is the only true church on earth. 
Today for P-day we went to Magot dam.  It used to be the biggest dam in Asia.  It was pretty sweet and there were floating houses.  We also went to a little park where they had a bridge and a cool little hike.  It's also the first hills that I've been on in 6 months so it was kinda exciting! 

Well transfer week is next week and I have no idea what's going to happen.  I don't think I'm going to get transferred and hopefully I don't because this area is amazing.
Mahal kita,
Elder Tribe 

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