Sunday, February 9, 2014

Magic Kids
It's crazy how you come to an area that is really having no progress at all and now investigators are popping out of the wood work and the weather is decent so I can't complain. 

Seriously though this week was way good!  At the beginning of the week we had Zone conference with the president and it was all about opening your mouth and finding new investigators.  After we had the meeting the members started giving us referrals and when we would go contact one referral their neighbors would be there to listen and so it was basically like 4 referrals in one which was amazing.  We haven't taught them all yet but when we went over to their houses they were more than happy to listen to just the little we were saying.  
5 years old and a 100 lbs.

This week I went on splits with Elder Datario in Baluarte.  The splits were way cool and the lessons that we taught were awesome.  We taught only 2 lessons but they were both really good.  They were to both less-actives and you could tell they could feel the spirit during our lessons.  One nanay was tearing up while we were teaching her.  Those lessons are the best when you know they are feeling the spirit but it's the worst when they don't act on what they felt but I know that with just a little more help they'll come back to church. 

We haven't been able to go back to Brother Joseph the one investigator who's son was healed.  The only time he is available to teach is at night and the area where he lives isn't very safe.  We didn't know that so one night we decided to go teach him and while walking there we saw a guy and we said hello to him and he said "baka may hold up kayo"  Which basically means we might get robbed.  We continued anyways and nothing happened but later after talking to his family for a while and walking back the police told us to go home cause it's not safe.  The members there also told us not to go there because there is a murderer who lives in the woods over there and a bunch of loco locos. So basically we might only be able to teach him on his day off which is only once a week.  Hopefully something will work out and we can teach him more.

The investigators who randomly showed up to church last week came again which was awesome.  Their situation is basically the same as Joseph's and can only be taught at night and they live in an even more dangerous area.  Please pray for them that some how we'll be able to teach them.
She feeds us 2x a week!

I almost forgot!  I talked with one of the Elders who is in my old area and he told me that brother Eng and Reymart both less actives are now active and going to church weekly.  They went to church once when I was there but then we got transferred and I had no idea what happened.  It was a way good feeling and you have no idea how much I want to go back to that area and see all the people.  They are basically my family!

Thanks for all the prayers and they are really being answered.  Church is true.
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