Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sobrang init!

This week was pretty normal.  I worked all week so it was pretty boring.  No, just kidding but we really did work all week.  We've been finding tons of new investigators this week but the hard thing is they don't understand why we are there.  Just gotta keep teaching them I guess till they finally get that why we were there.  

This week we went out to work and got punted from every single appointment within the first hour.  It was 1 P.M. and we literally didn't know where to go or what to do so my companion just said "let's pray."  So we did just that and right after we prayed we walked up to a Nanay chilling outside in her hammock and after ten minutes of talking to her and OYMing her she asked us when we can come back.  We came back the next day and her Dad was there too.  We taught both of them and they both seemed pretty interested.  The lesson was a little hard because they speak Ilicano and their Tagalog isn't very good but you could feel the spirit and when she'd ask us questions you could tell she was asking to know more not to just say something.  

My zone had interviews this week with President Rahlf.  The interviews aren't really anything crazy he just wants to know how you're doing.  The best part is when you get to talk to Sister Rahlf and she gives you two home made cookies that I haven't tasted since the MTC.  It was pretty glorious and all I need was some milk but I'm just going to have to wait to get home to drink some milk.
Went on splits this week in Baluarte with Elder Mousley our Zone leader.  The splits were way fun and his area is freaking sick.  It's always fun to go to areas where the people don't really know you.  His area is pretty sweet and the lessons were awesome.  My Tagalog was struggling in some of the lessons because we had been speaking English all day but it was still really good.   

I really don't know what else to tell you this week.  We've just been working hard and it's paying off.  

Love Elder Tribe
Making brooms!

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