Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trunky Week!

So this week is what missionaries would call trunky week.  It's the week before transfers!  We just found out who is getting transferred in our zone.  I thought I was getting transferred so I was getting pics with all the families that I taught and now I guess I'm not even getting transferred.  I guess it's a good thing though because one Nanay said she would cry if I got transferred.  It's also a good thing because I love the area and my companion. 

So it's spring here in the Philippines.  The spring is way different here than it is back home.  The trees all of a sudden just lose all their leaves and then the next day they have the leaves back again.  So my allergies have been pretty bad!  I guess that proves to Allan and Miriam that I don't have a worm!

This week I had splits with Elder Mccausland again from Florida.  It was hour 5th splits and it almost feels like I'm training him but it's good.  We taught a couple lessons but the best part is OYMing people when you have two Americans together.  The people seem to just all stare at you and so it's always really easy to start a conversation.  They always ask us if we could come back and marry a Filipina.  I always just say  Pwede which just means like it's allowed.

I had a really cool lesson with Elder Rocamada this week.  We went back to teach our investigator and she was super excited we were there.  She said that she sees us some times walking around and just wants to yell and tell us to come teach her but she is shy.  We taught her about the B of M and she was so excited the whole lesson.  When we finished teaching her she told us by the time we get back she'll have finished the BofM.  She is seriously a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR and truly prepared.

Way excited to be here in Ramon for at least one more cycle!  

Coolest Family

People live here

Love Elder Tribe

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