Monday, March 24, 2014

Gonna make it short

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So earlier I was throwing up and now I have a fever so I think this letter will be really short.  

So this week was pretty rough with one of our investigators who the past couple weeks has been progressing.  The other day we went to go teach her and right as we're coming up to her house I see her take one step out the front door and then turn around and run inside.  At first I thought she was just going to go grab us chairs because that's what she usually does but when we asked if she was there the Nanay said in the most disgusting scratchy voice after taking a huge hit of her cigarette "Wala sya.  May pupuntahan sya yata." Which means she's not here and she is probably going somewhere.  She says all this and I know she is right inside hiding from us.  Not to mention we could see her sandals outside the front door.  It was pretty frustrating and I was pretty mad after it happened the second time and almost the exact same way except for the second time the Nanay comes outside in just a towel to tell us she isn't there even after her said she was inside.
We've been struggling pretty bad lately to get our investigators to progress by coming to church so if anyone has any ideas about getting people interested in coming to church please tell me.

We did have some success this week with bringing some less actives back to church.  On Sunday morning we showed at up their front door and said we're going to church and sure enough they got ready and came with us.  So it wasn't a terrible week with the work.

We also got a referral from a member who lives clear out in the mountains.  It was pretty awesome and the lesson was really good because the whole compound came and listened to us. 
Well this week was good.  Sorry for the letter but it's really hard to focus right now.

Elder Tribe
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Our apartment ;)

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This is how the food is cooked.

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