Monday, March 3, 2014

11 bagong investigators!

Way good week for new investigators it was crazy!  Yesterday night when we reported Ki's to the Zl's they called us back just to make sure our Ki's were correct cause the 11 new investigators really is crazy!  

So we found this one lady last week Sister K, she is super cool and is always willing to listen to our lesson and is always inviting people over to have us teach.  The other day we taught the Plan of Salvation to a group of about 10 people that Sister K referred to us and the first thing we ask each of them is "Saan Tayo nangaling?" or "Where did we come from?" and it was weird hearing these people say they had no idea where we came from.  The usual answers are 1. I don't know 2. We were water 3. From my moms stomach.  Being in this Gospel we really are so lucky!  We know where we came from, we know what our purpose here is on earth and we know where we are headed after this life.  With those three questions answered, life is so much easier.  The lesson ended well and at the end of the lesson we always ask what they learned and then when they tell us we explain the importance of it and how it really is important to know those questions.  

The work has been really great in our area.  The work here in the Philippines doesn't seem like a mission really.  Before the mission I expected to be getting rejected everyday and have just a couple of lessons at the end of the week but it's not that way.  The people here are so nice and won't say no even if they want to.  I feel like I really am so blessed to be here in a mission where honestly you don't get rejected other than just a couple times!

The mission is great right now and people are just showing up to church out of the blue who have never even been taught before.  We are working freaking hard even though it's scorching hot temperatures outside.  Love the work even when we get home from a hard days work and have no electricity or gas.  Nagpapasalamat ako na maging instrumento sa kamay ng diyos.

This dog ate a frog!

Love you guys,
Elder Tribe

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