Sunday, March 16, 2014

She Said Yes!

We finally have a baptismal date set!  First one set in over three months and I'm stoked!

This weeks lessons were probably some of the most spiritual lessons I've had my whole mission.  We went to Sister D this week and since she works every day we teach her at her little hot dog stand when she isn't busy.  The lesson was to go over any questions she had about the Book of Mormon.  She had some amazing questions and some I didn't even know but luckily my companion knew them.  When we were leaving she asked if we could leave our triple combination with her so she could read it while she works and write down questions she had.  When we told her we had an extra pair we would just give her she told us that she wanted to cry and was really so excited to have her own.

This week I really feel like my testimony was strengthened.  We taught a lot about the Plan of Salvation this week especially to our new investigator who has come to church two times in a row!  We taught her the plan of salvation and about the Restoration of the church.  She is super interested and maybe it helps to have her boy friend be a returned missionary but after the lesson about Joseph Smith, we asked her if she believes there is a living prophet today on the earth and she said YES!  We then asked her if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism and she said YES again!  We set her goal baptismal date for April 5th.   It was amazing and I'm way excited!  So please pray for her that she'll be ready!  I also bore my testimony at the end of the lesson and I was saying things I'd never said before.  It was really awesome and you could feel the spirit so strong.  

Our spirits are high right now and our area is better than ever.  We just reported the highest ki's in our area this last week and it feels way good to finally have a baptismal date set!  Hard work paying off!  Work Hard Play Hard! 

Elder Tribe
This is what my investigators eat!

My comp playing with the eels.

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