Sunday, February 16, 2014

So when I think of this week I can't really thing of what to write about.  The days are all starting to mesh and it feels like I just wrote you yesterday. 

This week my comp and I went to the dentist for the first time.  It was definitely a new experience.  When we walked in the office, the dentist was sleeping on the couch and we had to wake him up.  That was when I decided I was just going to let my comp get his teeth cleaned.  I talked to him about how my dad was a dentist and he was asking me a bunch of questions and almost second guessing himself and asking me if what he was doing was right like I had a clue because you're a dentist, dad.  He did fill a cavity but I'm not positive if he was just ripping us off or it was really a cavity.  He was using some word play and some discounts to make it sound like we were getting a huge discount if we filled the cavity there.  It was just sketchy.  

Yesterday on Sunday we got to teach the family that lives in the dangerous area.  Our fellowshipper was the bishop who blessed his child.  It was cool to have him there and it really helped our lesson.  His wife is super interested and was crying the whole lesson when we told her about the plan of salvation.  She has always wondered about what church to join and has read the bible and any other thing she can find that is religious.  She is definitely ready for the Gospel.  The Lord really does prepare people for the Gospel.  

The church and sunset
We have also been teaching a guy who keeps telling us crazy stories about his life.  He told us he had a guy live with him for one night who was doing the whole crucifixion thing like Jesus Christ.  He said the guy left the cross in the front yard and then started back up again in the morning.  He has a lot of questions for us and he's hard to teach but you always get a good laugh.

The weeks are going by too fast and the work is getting better and better every week.  The comp right now is amazing and making me work hard.  He's always got a good attitude even when we don't get a single lesson all day.

The lady who feeds us, I guess fed us dog the other day, but thankfully I wasn't there.  I want to try it but never eat more than like a piece but I did hear it was chewy from the other Elders.
Playing ball
It's good to hear about the fast for rain was answered and it's even better to hear that we got five feet of snow but to bad I can't ski it.  

P.S. Hey, I totally forgot about the winter Olympics till some of our members told me about it.  Would you please keep me up to date about the skiing slope style?  It's the first year it's been in the Olympics. 

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