Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Really good week!

Mom, the spiders aren't poisonous.
My clothes never dry. In fact i'm wearing a pair of socks right now that i cleaned on Monday and they're still damp.
Toilet paper does work for the sewage.  I have some toilet paper now! Thank goodness!

2nd Coming!
We haven't been rained out or any floods!  I have heard a lot of people talking about the floods in Manila!  It sounds crazy!  My companion is from Manila!  I don't think the part that he is from flooded but we're not sure!  My companion is a really cool Elder!  He only has 15 days left on his mission...  He keeps saying that he never thought the day would come that he would go home.  Well it's finally here and he's freaking out a little bit!  He keeps telling me his number one priority is getting married in the temple!  He says that when I am done with my mission he'll meet me at the Manila temple and go through it with me!  I keep telling him that he's going to show up with his wife and 2 kids! haha 

This week was really good!  On Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch with the district at Dins, a local restaurant here that is pretty good!  I look forward to Tuesdays because it's always the best meal of the week!  Mom, pancit is amazing huh?  SOOO good!  The only thing I've really eaten the past few days is rice, chicken and a lot of pancit!  If you want to eat something that is truly Filipino you have to cook Chicken adobo! You eat it with rice and it's like the main dish here in the Philippines!  

Wednesday was probably the best day the whole week!  We went to a trainers meeting in Cauayan! At the trainers meeting I got to see everyone that I was in the MTC with!  It was amazing to see all of them!  I have a picture of the group that i will send later!  The mission President and his wife catered lunch for us!  They had cinnamon rolls!  When I saw the cinnamon rolls I was the most excited I have been in a long time!  

MTC District

The next day we went and taught Brother Mark again!  The Branch President keeps calling Mark a golden investigator and he really is!  Mark has reactivated the less actives and is bringing more investigators than just himself to church!  We taught Mark this week about the law of chastity and he said he would follow it.  After the lesson we told him that we would have to set his baptismal date a week because we haven't been able to teach him enough.  When we said that, he told us he wants to be baptized on August 31st but we told him he has to get an interview and we still have to teach him some lessons before baptism!  It's awesome to see his desire!  We also had some other investigators come to church this week that we didn't expect!  It's cool to see people keep your commitments.  She is the only one in her family that isn't a member other than her son.  When we go to teach her, her whole family is there and all bear testimony to her!  It's really awesome!  

Only bikes in mission!
One bad thing happened this week.  The member who gave us our bikes took them back because his grandson needs them.  It makes our work a lot harder and a lot slower.  To get to some of the areas now will take over an hour to walk to!  He said he might be able to give us back the bikes on Tuesday so we'll see what happens.

I gave my first blessing here in the Philippines!  The sister asked for a blessing and my companion told me to give it!  I didn't even know why she needed a blessing but he later told me that she has a form of dengae that is rare and really bad!  The blessing went well even without me knowing what was wrong!

The work here is going really well!  The members here are amazing!  Yesterday we had 8 fellow shippers!  It was kind of crazy to see how many people wanted to go teach with us!

This is a tricey.  I've seen 11 people fit in one of these!  This is a members tricey!  Most of the members triceys say CTR all over them but this one says liahona which i thought was funny!
Love you,
Elder Tribe

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