Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crazy Week!

The weeks all start to mesh into one big blob!  I never know what I already told you!
Basketball today!
It was a really good week this week!  Every week is starting to be a really good week!  I starting to love it here more and more it's crazy!

On Tuesday I had splits with Elder Wightman from Idaho.  I went to his Area and it was pretty awesome!  We walked a lot and didn't get very many lessons but it was cool just to see what other peoples areas are like!  It's also cool because people don't know that you don't know Tagalog very well so they speak to you like you actually know it.  Our first lesson was we taught a Nay and Tay.  They are investigators and are freaking hilarious!  The first thing Tay asked me was how many girlfriends I have had!  I told him that I've had many and he just started cracking up.  After he was done laughing he said that he likes cold days like this because then he can hug the girls and warm them up!  I couldn't stop laughing!  After we were finished with our lesson and trying to get them to pronounce my name correctly for 10 minutes they brought out a marianda.  It was fried squash and it was really good.  Tay is pretty blind and so when he was trying to find the food with his hand he told us to put the food in his hand.  While we were reaching for the food he grabbed Elder Wightman's hand and thought it was the food and started to pull his arm towards his face!  I'm glad he was a little blind a deaf because i was cracking up!  

It's weird how much you adapt to the weather here.  The other day I got up and it was 80 degrees with a slight breeze.  I was kind of cold.... it was super weird to think that back at home I would be hot, especially with it being that hot in our house!   I have an alarm clock that tells the temp and the other day after study at about 1 in the afternoon I looked at the temp.  It was 91 degrees inside our apartment and it didn't even feel that hot!  I'm going to come home and be cold in the middle of summer!

This is the place where all the missionaries who stay in our apartment sign. 
It's on the wall by our door
This week we had President interviews on Wednesday!  The interviews were really short and he just wanted to know how we were doing and for us to study Christ like attributes!  I'm studying patience because it takes a lot of patience to go to a place where everything is new to you and you know nothing.  During the meetings we had meatball sandwiches that were really good!  It's the only sandwich I've had since I've been here so it tasted better than it should!

District picture with the Pres and his wife

This week we taught Mark again and he is going to be baptized on September 7.  I'm kinda of sad it'll just be Mark getting baptized.  All his friends came to every lesson but then I guess last second they got a job in another city and we won't be able to baptize them.  During Mark's lesson, a crazy lady got a big knife and was running around with it!  Everyone was running from her while she was laughing!  It was pretty scary but I don't think she was a real threat and we don't live anywhere near her so I don't think we'll have problems with her anymore.  Don't worry mom I wasn't running, she was chasing some other people!  

We also taught Tatay Salvador.  He is a convert to the church that went inactive but has started coming ever since we taught him about a month ago.  The other day while we were teaching him he started to cry and told us that he is grateful for missionaries because without missionaries he would never have known the truth.  It was probably the best thing in the world for a missionary to hear! 

Anyways this week has been really good!  Hopefully this next week will be just the same!  I'm starting to love it here more and more everyday.  I can't wait for Mark's baptism this Saturday!  Thanks for all the prayers!  This church is true!  I wish people would just realize it and keep the commandments!

Spider fights!  These spiders don't bite so you hold them  with your hands and then put them both on a stick and they fight. It gets pretty competitive here and people will bet on the spiders!

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