Monday, February 16, 2015

Patay, Kasal, Binyag

The first day of the week last week we walked out of the apartment and got on the main road to head out to Sister Flors house.  I remember the first thing I said when we walked out on the road was, "Wow, there are a lot of people!"  When there are a lot of people in one place in the Filipinas it usually means bad news.  We walked down the road a little more and then turned the corner to head to our appointment, when a lady comes running to us crying.  I asked her what happened but she couldn't really get the words out to tell us because of her crying but from all the screaming and everything we knew someone had just died.  It wasn't Flor thank goodness but it was her nephew.  He died from a fever daw but no one is really sure what happened. 

The next couple days we had some really good finding opportunities at the patay and also some opportunities to speak at the funeral.  It was good to go around contacting people and telling them that they could see their loved one again and how Jesus atoned for us.  Hopefully the people who we were able to contact will let us come back this next week.

On Thursday this week we had zone conference in Cauayan.  It was all about our new goals for 2016 and becoming a boiling point missionary not just a lukewarm one.  We also talked about how we are here to progress the kingdom of God and not maintain it.  I love conferences and all the things we learn from them.  It gets everyone pumped up to be a better missionary and to follow Christ more closely.

We had a really good lesson with Flor this week.  She is basically the only investigator right now keeping commitments.  We taught the Book of Mormon and even though she has maybe the worst eye sight ever she still said she'd read.  She also always tells us to pray for her family that one day they'll all go to church together.  

This week was good.  Just need people to keep commitments so it'll be an amazing week next week.  Well I'm just doing my best here and I love the Filipinas.  It really is amazing here!

Elder Cameron Frank Tribe  

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We thought his shirt was hilarious!

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Dinner last night

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