Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wow it's hard to hear that Milo past away.  It's probably the worst news I've had my whole mission.  From day one in the MTC I prayed I'd see him again.  Kinda weird to think that I prayed for that because he's just a dog but he's more family though than just a dog. 

This week we really tore it up even though E.Medeiros got sick.  We've been really seeing a lot of blessings coming from being obedient.  This week it started out pretty slow and just the same old same old.  I was kind of discouraged from all the lessons we were getting punted from and how people just seem to not understand that following commitments is important.  

We'd been talking to a lot more people recently but a lot of people will just tell us that they already have a religion or just say ayaw ko po.  On Sunday though was the day it all kind of turned around and we actually saw some fruits from our efforts.  We had some members bring their next door neighbors to church with them and they also told us that their son isn't a member.  We taught them for the first time on Sunday and they were really prepared and ready for our lesson.  We also had a lot of Less actives come to church because we've been focusing on temple sealings and everyone here seems to be really interested.  There has been a recent convert in our area that I haven't taught once because he always just tells us next time na lang but when we mentioned about temple sealing it was like his eyes just lit up and he let us teach. 
Last week I also told you about the funeral/patay we went to.  Well this week we went back and contacted them and we have a few new investigators there and one came to church yesterday.  It was pretty sweet also to see the investigators we have that have baptismal dates keeping their commitments and coming to church. 

Nora, the lady I told you about before who can't be baptized because she's not married to the person she's living with,I talked to President Rahlf about her situation and he said that she could be baptized.  We gave her a baptismal date yesterday and she just kept saying "Really? Really really?"  It was good to see how excited she actually was to hear those words she's been waiting so long for.  

We have a new investigator yesterday who told us she was taught by the missionaries before.  I asked her if she knew about the Book of Mormon and she told us she's already read the whole book.  It kind of blew my mind a little but I'm really excited to start teaching her.  She is truly prepared!  

The mission right now is really good.  My comp is awesome.  Area right now is amazing and we are seeing miracles all because we are being obedient.

Right now I'm just trying to finish strong because trunky thoughts are coming more frequently lately. I just gotta endure to the end!
Future Missionaries

I love you guys!

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