Sunday, March 29, 2015

What ere thou art, act well thy part.

How's it going everyone?  I'm doing good here in the Pilapinas!  The weeks right now are really flying by.  It's getting really hard to write you about what is going on because I feel like I'm writing you all the time.  This week kind of just feels like last week again except for we were both sick this time.  The work is still going pretty good.  We just had another family come back to church this week after been inactive for a while which is awesome!  I never thought they'd come back because every time they would see us they would runner faster than Olympic athletes and hide, but miracles do exist!

We taught Nora this week again after a while of not being able to.  She's the lady who wanted to be baptized so bad but then right as she got a baptismal date told us she didn't want to anymore.  We taught her about the importance of baptism and she told us that maybe the reason I didn't get transferred was to be there for her baptism.  It felt good to know she said that because it means she hasn't completely thrown it off the table.  We also cleared up some questions she had about why she would need to be baptized again if she has already been baptized and just some other questions.  She told us that she'll pray and think about it and we're going to follow up with her this week.

This week since we've been sick we've been really relying on our landlord sister Matet to cook for us and everything.  All we have to do is buy the ulam and then she'll cook it for us.  They are also getting ready to enter the temple this year so we're helping them prepare.  This last week she promised me that her next kid would be named Tribe if it's a boy and Cameron if it's a girl.  They can't accept the fact that Cameron is a guy name because the only other Cameron they know is Cameron Diaz. 
Flor Delisa is still going great!  She hasn't missed a Sunday yet and even goes to RS activities.  She is still on track to get baptized on April 4.  

Well all is good here!  
Love E.Tribe

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