Monday, March 16, 2015

Kumusta na kayo!

These past couple weeks have been a little frustrating with not being able to work in my area as much as I've wanted to.  My companion has been getting sick a lot recently and I'm not really sure why.  We texted Sister Rahlf his symptoms and so we headed to the dentist because it seems to all be coming from his one wisdom tooth that didn't get pulled out.  We didn't make it in time to the appointment so we had to sleep over in Alicia really close to my first area. 

I got to see some of the members from my first area!  I missed the people there so much it was crazy.  I got to see one of the members, Elder Marvin just finished being set apart as a missionary.  Marvin used to work with us all the time back in the good ol' days and now he's headed on his mission.  It was weird to see how much he'd grown up and it kind of reminded me of what it'll feel like when I get home.  We got up the next morning and the dentist took one look at his tooth and said it doesn't need to be taken out because it isn't coming in at a slant.  That was good news because it'll mean we actually get to work!

We met the new RM Daril Bilog who just got home from his mission.  It's been really good working with him and it made me miss having a Filipino companion.  We had some really good lessons with him and he's introducing us to all his friends who are and aren't members.  He's been helping us out a lot!  

Nothing much has really changed in the area since last week.  We haven't been able to teach very much!  We talked to the Laserna family but didn't get to teach them.  We've returned a lot of less active members to church.  We used to have a list of about 28 now it's down to 14 or around there.  We've been seeing huge success there.

Yan lang.

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