Sunday, March 15, 2015

This week was a pretty crazy week.  It was really fun this week!

We contacted the Laserna family the one I told you all about last week.  We had a good lesson with them but it was a little hard to concentrate because of their kids screaming and yelling.  He did tell me we could come back and next time his kids will be confined inside the house watching TV.  The members here are also pretty surprised he is letting us teach him.  I guess he has a pretty rough background but he seems really interested and wants to hear more.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week with Sister Flor but due to the Manila trip we had to do we delayed it till April 4 because of all the things happening this month.

So now the good part about this week was Manila!  Lets just say Manila is a different world.  It is nothing like my mission.  We got up Friday morning and went to the mission home where President Rahlf told us that we are all illegal immigrants and so we need to go to Manila to renew or do something with our visa and pass ports so we won't be illegal aliens anymore.  From there we all got into triceys and went to the airport in Cauayan.  When we got to Manila we went to the Bureau of Immigration.  That building is the craziest place I've ever been.  If you think the DMV is bad you have no idea about this place.  It's on another scale! 

Elder Thorpe, Poulter and Me

After a couple hours we headed to the airport and dropped off our bags and then we all split off and went our own ways with our comps.  I was with E.Poulter most of the time.  He was in the MTC with me.  We got a taxi and headed to MOA (Mall of Asia).  That place is amazing!  The first place we ate at was TGI Fridays and then we roamed around looking at all the stores.  It's been rumored daw that you can't walk through all of MOA in 24 hours so we were pretty blown away with everything there.  I felt sick around 30 min after eating and threw up everything I ate.  I don't think my stomach is used to eating burgers anymore.  While there at MOA we ate at Ihop, TGIF, Coldstone, and Cinnabon/Krispy Kreme.  Good trip!

On the way home on Saturday we flew to the Tuge airport in a propeller plane.  I was sitting by a lady who was coming home from working in Hong Kong for two years.  I kept trying to talk to her the whole ride but she wouldn't wake up.  While the plane was descending she woke up and I talked with her a little bit and invited her to listen to the missionaries where she lived but while talking to her my head, right above my left eye brow shot with pain.  My left eye all of a sudden started spewing out tears and turned bright red.  The lady kind of freaked out a little bit and thought I was going to pass out or something.  She kept asking if I was okay.  I played it cool even though it felt like needles were shooting in my eyebrow.  I finished talking with her about having the missionaries visit her house and then said good bye.  That was the weirdest contact I'd ever had and I bet she thinks Mormons are even weirder now but I guess it's okay.  I always tell myself to help me get out of my comfort zone is that I already look weird enough to them so I don't have to be shy.  

We also went caving today for P-day.  We also just found out about transfers this Wednesday and I'm still here in Mabini.  This is my last 2 cycles which means I only have 3 months left on Wednesday.  Time is flying by!  Gotta make every minute count! Love,


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