Sunday, April 5, 2015

District conference and fasting week

Super busy week this week with everything we had to do.

On Tuesday we taught Nora about fasting for the first time and then asked her if she wanted to start a fast on Saturday night for her to know if the church is true.  She said she would do it and we also invited her to district conference on Sunday.  She went to District conference with us and we talked to her after.  She hasn't received a sure answer yet but she knows it might now come immediately but she's willing to wait.

I also went on splits this week with Elder Johnstun from Texas.  We worked in his area and had a really good time.  He's still pretty new in the area so we kept getting lost which kind of made it fun.  We ended up walking out in the bukid and contacting a part member family which was really awesome.

I had a leadership meeting at the mission home with all the other district leaders and Zone leaders.  It was a really good meeting and I think it'll help me for the future also.  I learned a lot about how God will sustain our righteous actions.  If we don't receive an answer from him immediately then walk by faith and not by sight.

Flor Delisa this week had her baptismal interview.  She came out of the interview pretty disappointed and told me that she wont be getting baptized on the 4th of April because of her coffee problem.  We made sure to go teach her that day so she would realize that to be baptized you have to be completely ready and even though she didn't pass she will still be baptized on the 18th of April if she can avoid coffee.

This was a good week and I'm going to send all the pictures right now hopefully that I wasn't able to send the last couple weeks.

Love you guys!
Elder Tribe  

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