Sunday, April 12, 2015

Holy Week

Nothing too crazy happened this week.  Just doing the same old same old.  We did have something pretty crazy happen to us the other night.  We just finished eating dinner at Nay Olga's house when it was about to hit curfew, so we took off and headed for home.  While walking I hear a gun go off and then all of a sudden I hear a bullet whiz right by our heads.  I kinda ducked and then freaked out at my companion for not doing anything.  He then told me he just thought someone was lighting off fireworks because he's never heard a gun go off before.  I then told him quickly what it was and we walked home really fast after that.  I don't think anyone was aiming to hit us.  They were probably just drunk and wanted to test out their new guns or something.  Either way we got home pretty fast that night.

The bagyo came this week but by the time it hit us we only really got rainstorms that weren't too bad.  It was good to actually get some rain this week to clean everything off because it's been stinking here pretty bad lately.

This week of course here in the Philippines is holy week.  This week, for the Catholics, is the week they remember Christ by taking days off where they can't cook or do anything really.  That made the work really good for us because everyone was home because basically the whole country is closed down.  We focused a lot of our teaching about prophets and about Christ's resurrection.  We made some new contacts this week but they all seem to be really busy.  We did meet this one new lady who seemed really interested.

This week's a good week to be a missionary.  To remember Christ a little more and learn about the resurrection and how many blessings have come into my life because of the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Well nothing really else to write about.  Don't worry about me here I am doing fine. 


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