Sunday, April 20, 2014

Conference Week

This week at first was pretty slow which we thought would be the complete opposite, because the harvest season is over so everyone should be at home.  We'd go out to work and get punted from every single appointment.  Our spirits were definitely low.  It was too the point where we didn't know what we were doing and we had nowhere to go and teach so we decided to go to one last place to see if we could teach there.  We ended up not being able to teach because it was his birthday and they were really busy but we noticed a Nay who was shoveling a big pile of dirt into buckets and then taking the buckets too make a little wall around her house so when it rains their house doesn't flood.  It took some convincing for Nay to actually let us help but when she finally let us get to work, it was going great.  We started to talk to her a little, but before when we would talk to her she wasn't really talkative and would basically just tell us to go away but this time it was different and I could tell that because we were helping her, her trust was growing towards us.  After we finished she fed us and said we're welcome back anytime.   

Mom, after you asked me the other week about any service projects I've done in the last week I thought back through the week and couldn't remember one, so I prayed for an opportunity to serve and it was amazing how many things are there in broad day light and I never noticed them.  

So General conference was a little weird this week because I still haven't seen all the sessions because my ward only played one session on Saturday and two on Sunday, so I still haven't seen the priesthood session and one session on Saturday.  From what I saw it was all really good but the one thing I looked forward to the most in all of the talks was at the very end when they bore their testimony.  When each of them bore their testimony it was just like a shock wave of the Holy Ghost, every single time.  After I heard them bear their testimonies I was just hoping my testimony feels the same when I say it to my investigators because that's the one thing no one can deny is the feeling of the spirit.

Well I love you all and I'm loving the mission.  Everyday is a struggle and that's what makes it worth it!  I'm really so blessed to be able to serve our Father in Heaven and be a representative of him everyday.

Mahal ko kayo! 
Elder Tribe
At the Baptism


Cleaning clothes in the river


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