Sunday, April 13, 2014

So we got the transfer list this morning and my comp and I have one more cycle together so that means I'll be in Ramon for at least six months and 4 and a half with Elder Rocamada.  I'm super excited because I feel like this cycle the work is really going to be better because it's been getting better just a little bit at a time over the last four and a half months.

So I kind of have to rush writing this because we had a zone activity earlier but this week was really great and the baptism was amazing.  It was the best baptism I think I've ever been too.  Everything just went so smoothly. The end was the best part when she bore her testimony, she talked about how her husband wasn't the only reason she was baptized.  When she said that, I knew that I had done my job.  She bore her testimony about how she really knows she is a child of God and how important the Gospel really is.  I'm excited to stay in the area so I can stay with my recent convert and help her out.

This week we also had splits in Balurate.  The split was probably one of the best I've been on while in Ramon.  We went out to work and everyone was amazingly home and in harvest season that's basically impossible.  We contacted two potential investigators and the lessons were amazing and also kinda hilarious.  So the Elder I went with was Elder Mccausland again.  The lessons were all super good and it was cool to be translating for another Elder because he still doesn't quite understand what they were saying.  After working we had a huge dinner that their landlord gave us because Elder Mousley is going home.  The dinner was really weird and super fishy but it wasn't fish which was kinda weird.  I think the food they gave us was crushed up bones because every bite had over 20 little pieces of bone that you had to just swallow.  

Well it's almost time to go so I'll just wrap it up.  This week was good and I'm really thankful to be a missionary. I'm thankful that I know what is true and that I can share it with every person I meet.
Santiago North Zone

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