Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last week I wrote that basically nothing was happening in the area and now the area is awesome.  This week we contacted a ton of less actives and a lot of new investigators.  The Sabear family is awesome especially Shan.  He is the one in the family who really wants to know and has really good questions.  During our lesson about prophets I asked him if he thinks that we should have a prophet today and he said, open quote, "This is the time we really need them.  Everyone right now seems to have forgotten God."  Close quote :) When he said that I was just thinking YES inside!  He is a stud and is really smart but he doesn't have enough money to go to college and if you don't go to college you basically can't get a job so he and his family are struggling really bad right now.  The Gospel is exactly what they need right now!  We invited him to church and told him we would come pick him up but then he told us he would go himself.  The next day at church he doesn't show up so we go to his house to see why he didn't come to church but no one was there.  On the way out we saw his sister and she told us that Shan was waiting for us to come get him.  It was a pretty terrible feeling knowing that he was waiting for us.  Hopefully next week we'll communicate better so he can make it to church.  

We had interviews this week with President which are always really good.  He just asks how you're doing and a couple other questions.  He said, "get ready to not be the junior anymore" but I don't know what that means.  
We also found out this week that the area might split and the area they want to give to the sisters is right where we've been working this whole cycle.  Hopefully the area doesn't split because the people in the areas all know us now.  

This area is better than my last area by far.  The members are awesome and the area just seems easier for some reason.  Yan lang.
Mahal ko kayo.   
P.S. I think we might be going to Tuge again next week so if I don't write don't worry.
P.S.S. I only got a couple pictures this week so sorry but I did get some funny videos.  To bad I can't send them.

Crazy guy in church was making this drink.  He added bushes, Seasoning pack whole with wrapper, a lot of salt, and expired chunky vinegar from a garbage can.  I got video but it's really slow here so i'll try and send it another day! 

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