Sunday, June 1, 2014

So sorry I didn't have time to write on Monday.  This week has been one of the longest and craziest in the mission.
So last week after I found out I was getting transferred, I went around and said goodbye to people in the Ramon Ward.  Then on Wednesday morning we got up and went to Cauayan for the transfer list.  The Zone Leaders read the list of who my new companion was and where I was getting transferred.  I got transferred to Salano zone and my area is Lamut in the southern part of the mission and my companion is Elder H.  Elder H is from Bangladesh and is the first missionary from Bangladesh and he says maybe in five more years there will be another one.  He's been out on his mission two years and one month.  He still doesn't know any Tagalog so it's kind of frustrating when I have to translate for him.  President Rahlf called me the other day and told me that I have an unusual assignment and that I need to help him get enrolled in a school.  He also told me that the reason he's letting Elder H extend is because if he goes back to Bangladesh the people there might kill him because he isn't a Muslim so President Rahlf is really trying to help him out and get him on his feet right after his mission.  The reason I'm writing my letter so late is because he wants to study in the Philippines and wants to get everything figured out before he gets sent home so we had to take a trip to Tuguegarao, a ten hour bus ride, to talk to the Dean at a university.  We also had to stay a night in Tuguegarao with the Zone Leaders there. 
The new area here is amazing!  The work is really slow and the zone leaders told me I'm basically opening the area because the last Elders didn't do anything.  The area isn't like any of my other areas,  It's all mountain and if you walk off the road ten feet you're in deep jungle.  The area is only a branch and the meeting house is really small.  The attendance at church was around 40 on Sunday.  We have a total of three investigators in this area and I found all of them last week.  
Well, pray for the area because it needs it.  Pray for me too because I need it. 
Also it might happen again where I don't write on a Monday because we might have to go back to

Love ya!

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