Sunday, September 7, 2014

Got on this afternoon and had 33 emails so I was pretty happy!

We had service again this week but this time it was for the church.  We cleaned out the garage of a really big house in my area because next week we're going to church there.  The other chapel in Bagabag is getting renovated because it is the ugliest LDS church I've ever been in.

The best part out being a DL is getting to do all the interviews for people getting ready to be baptized.  This last Sunday I interviewed the Espiritu family.  They looked all pretty nervous for the interview.  I interviewed a ten year old girl first and she was crazy smart and knew every answer to my questions.  At the end of the first interview she walked out and said "EASY!"  Then I interviewed the mom.  The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to hear her conversion story and how she knows this is the true church.  The things she had to do to change to join the church no matter how hard it was was amazing in itself.  It strengthened my testimony a lot and just made me think how grateful I am for the Gospel and all it has done for me in my life.

Our teaching right now is pretty slow but we had a good lesson with Reynante and Dandan where they said if their baptism was tomorrow they would be ready which was a relief to hear.  Reynante also told his family about him getting taught by the missionaries, so I referred his family to the missionaries in Solano.  

The church is true!  
Harvesting Rice

Rare empty jeepney

Teaching Sister B

Elder Tribe

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