Sunday, August 31, 2014


This last week on Tuesday I taught my very first district meeting ever.  It was way easier than I thought and we almost ran out of time.  I hope people learned a little something from what I said.  I felt like everything I said they should already know but I did see some people writing some stuff down in their study journals so I think I helped just a little bit. 

On Wednesday I took a van to the mission home for new leaders training.  The meeting was good and lasted til 3.  Everything they said in the meeting was good but the best part was all the pizza we got to eat for lunch.

On Thursday, we actually got to work in our area for half the day because we had service.  We harvested corn again...  It's getting a little out of hand with all the service we are doing.  While harvesting the corn this week I cut my hand pretty bad and had to stop harvesting because it was bleeding so much.  I didn't get a picture though because I forgot my camera back home.

On Friday I went on splits with Elder Volpe from North Carolina.  He's one of my buddies from way back when I was in my first area so it was cool to see how much we've progressed in the language and to catch up.  We taught a less active for the first time and when we walked in to the front door her husband says, " parihas ba ang biblia natin?" is our bible the same?  He was holding the Book of Mormon.  We taught his wife and he just sat there and didn't say much because he is deaf.  He isn't a member but he did tell us that he reads the BofM every night so we're going to try and teach him somehow.  

On Saturday we had another service project in Solano.  We tore down the wall of a house with hammers and then cut bamboo in half.  We then used the bamboo to rebuild the wall we tore down earlier.  

It was a good week doing tons of service.  It also seems like the church right now is really focusing on service.  They just posted a really good video on about service the church does.  Go watch it.

I'm out,
Love ya!
Elder Tribe

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