Sunday, August 24, 2014


Like the title says we got punted like crazy this week!  Almost everyday and it killed us.  One thing that was really good this week was all the service we were able to do.  This week we were able to help two families in their farms.  The first family we got up on Thursday morning to help weed a egg plant patch.  After we weeded the patch the brother killed two chickens and cooked them up for us to eat.

The second service we got to do was harvest corn with the Valdez family.  The harvest of corn with the Valdez family was probably the funnest thing we did all week.  We would walk up and down the isles of corn while throwing the corn we picked into piles, then we would come back and load a cart with the corn we picked that was being pulled by a kalabaw.  It was pretty sweet riding the cart everywhere plowing through the corn.  It's Filipinos tradition to have everyone leave their house full so we killed another couple chickens and had a good lunch.

Last Sunday night we had a really good lesson with Reynante our investigator with the baptismal date.  Reynante is probably the most ready baptism I will ever have or the most converted.  He said some really cool things to us in our last lesson and I'll just put them right here: Pag nabinyagan ako sa simbahan gagawin ko ang lahat. When I'm baptized in the church I'll do everything. paano ko papalakasin yung testimony ko How do I strengthen my testimony?

He is truly ready for the gospel and wants to serve a mission.

This week we had a training fireside led by the missionaries, it had a great turn out of 14 people.  Hopefully the branch will progress because it hasn't progressed in a really long time.

Well it's also transfer week this week and I'm not transferred of course because I still have to finish training! 

Well got to go!
Love you guys!

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