Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sorry I'm emailing late again.  

This week we had some really good lessons especially with Reynante and Dandan.  So with Reynante and Dandan we weren't really sure why they wanted to be baptized.  We were thinking it was just to make sure they kept their job because their boss is a member.  In the lesson we just talked about how this is their decision to be baptized and only be baptized if you know the church was true.  They both told me the church was true because they prayed about it and that they are really excited to be baptized.  The sad thing is I have to tell them I have to move back their baptism again because there are district conferences on the 16th of August.  Reynante is awesome and I feel like we are brothers.  He calls me bayaw or brother in law because he saw a picture of Meredith and likes her.  I told him that I'm going to give him Mere's email address. ha-ha

This week we retaught bro. Gary Tumitit for the second time, a part member family.  When we saw him this time his leg was all burned and cut up because he crashed on his motorcycle because he was drunk.  We talked with him about the BofM and left him 3rd Nephi 11.  Hopefully he'll read it and come to church so his family will be able to go through the temple someday. 
This week on Monday we went to Batad. 
 It's just a little farther than Banaue and a lot better.  The hike in Batad is known to be really hard because it is pure steps almost the whole way.  The hike goes into a village and then you pop out into the rice terraces which look like an amphitheater.

  If you keep walking through the amphitheater and up and down another mountain you make it to a waterfall.  Because we can't swim, we just felt the mist from the waterfall.  

The hike in at first wasn't too bad but the hike out almost killed me.  Elder Allred and I jogged almost the whole way out and back to the top.  At the top we waited for another 3 hours for the rest of our group, but while we waited we played with a monkey.
Dog and monkey fighting

On the way out we got stuck and said a prayer.  10 seconds after the prayer, a back hoe is pulling us out of the mud. 
Waiting for the back-hoe

 We made it back safely and took a well needed rest.  This morning when I got out of bed I almost fell over because my legs are so sore.  When we got to district meeting today it was funny to watch everyone walk around because we are all so stiff.  

Love, Elder Tribe

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