Sunday, October 12, 2014

So this week we had 300 pesos to last the whole week so we stocked up on sardines and ate them almost every meal!  Before the mission i never would of thought about eating sardines and now it's all the time.  Oh how things have changed! haha

I heard about ebola going around or something.  Keep me informed on that cause I think this might be the zombie apocalypse.  I have to be prepared because once a boy scout always a boy scout.

I told you about me not being able to go outside to give you guys a little scare because sometimes I think you forget about me!  Something really did happen.  I didn't just make it up to scare you guys!

I can't remember anything!  This week was so fast!  Nothing to much has changed.  

Probably the biggest thing that happened this week is our less active nanay Basillo came to church for the 4th time in a row meaning she is not less active anymore and she brought her husband who is also less active!  We are pretty excited about that knowing that when they leave their house it's open for anyone to go inside or out because it doesn't have doors.  

This week we were really working hard on contacting some Less actives that live right by our apartment.  We contacted one but he was drunk so we just said hi and walked by.  We then went to the Dag-Oh family.  It's kind of hard to find because it's behind a bunch of other houses.  When we got there only a lady was there with her kid.  We talked to her and she offered us wine.  I refused of course and we set a time with her to teach her.  We're going to go back next time and start teaching her!  

Can't think of anything else!  Just trying to be my best in everything I do.  
A little taste of heaven in the Philippines!  The members love me!

Don't mess with me!


Love you all!
E. Tribe

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