Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family Week

So this week we barely got to work again because we split with Elder Volpe again because his companion is going home.  We were on splits from Monday to Thursday basically.  I can't remember much of what we did.  We did get to work in our area on Tuesday and we had a good dinner at Balubal's house again.  On Wednesday we were in Solano all day dealing with transfers and waiting for Elder Volpe's companion who was coming from Tuge, a six hour drive.  On Wednesday night we had FHE with our new branch president, President Bumatay.  The sisters gave a really good lesson about Jesus Christ.  They made us think of a sin and then stab a piece of paper that had something in it.  When we stabbed it around six times they opened it up and it was a picture of Jesus Christ.  It really made you think that that is exactly how Jesus Christ feels every time we sin.  It really made me want to be better.
Waiting for the branch president, so we can go to lunch.

Yesterday at church we could hear a pig screaming really loud and ran over to it.  It was giving birth!  I got one good picture and a good video.  Still not sure how to send videos.  

Recently every person we talks to is to busy to talk to us the second time.  We ask them if it'd be okay if we come back and share a message or just answer some questions they have about the pamphlet we left with them.  Recently, they've all said the same thing, "I'll just ask God" or "i'll just ask the bible."  It's killing me but we're going to go back to the people anyways.  Hopefully one will read it and actually want to know more.

We had something happen to us the other night and so we can't work out at night anymore.  I won't tell you anymore about it until I get home.
Huge Caterpillar

Well that's basically all that's happened this week.!
Late night trikey rides
Love you guys!

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