Sunday, October 26, 2014

Really good week in Lamut!  We actually had a fellow shipper this week, brother Biondie.  He's hilarious and a really good fellow shipper.  Sometimes fellow shippers like to take over the lessons but Bro. Biondie knows what he's doing and he has been a big help for us!  He came with us to Salamague this week to teach.  We forgot our mga payong and so we got pretty wet.  We had a lot of really good lessons and people were connecting with us more because we had a fellow shipper.  We invited them all to come to church this week but we don't know if they came or not.  We  don't know if they came or not because we went to church in Cordon to get Elder Saguires patriarchal blessing.  I know Sister Mary Rose came and a Less active because they texted asking us where we were.

This week we didn't get to contact the referrals from the sisters but this week sana.  We had some really good lessons this week with some of our less actives but I think that's mainly due to the fact that we had a fellow shipper with us.  It really helps a lot to have someone in the lesson other than missionaries.

We went to Banaue again today.  It wasn't as good this time because the rice has all been harvested but it's still beautiful.  All the other missionaries were buying things for their families but I had no idea what to get so I didn't get anything.  I feel bad sometimes because I don't have any souvenirs yet for you guys but don't worry I'll get some.  

On the way home from Banaue I saw Sister Mary Rose, one of our investigators on the side of the road.  I yelled over to her, "Mary Rose, Nagbasa ka na ba sa aklat ni mormon?"  She only smiled and nodded her head.  It was the best ever because I've been trying so hard for her to read and she finally did it!  Hopefully she'll remember what she read and sana she prayed about it too!  That just made the week for me because I kept saying to myself if she doesn't read we might have to drop her.

Love you guys! 

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