Sunday, November 2, 2014

This last Tuesday was the last time I'll have to teach district meeting this cycle and it's an amazing feeling!  It relieves a lot of stress not having to worry about what to teach all the time!  After District meeting we got to eat at Mrs. Bakers!  It's the best place to eat in the mission.  I ordered some kebab thing and it was amazing and then had a banana cream pie!  After getting all these letters about pies and stuff it was good to actually get one for myself.

Lunch at Mrs.Bakers
We had a service project this week in my area.  It was in a place that was pretty far away but it was to help some less active members.  When we got their a lady runs in and says in English, "What religion are you?" We told her Mormons and she freaked out, stomped her feet, and then ran away.  The President then just told us it's okay and it's not a big deal.  We painted the inside of the church.  The church we painted wasn't our church it was some other church the less actives in that area made up.  Pretty sure if anyone else knew about that they'd be excommunicated.
Painting the church

We had some good times this week and got some new investigators!  We contacted the referrals we've received and taught them one lesson but it was so loud we didn't get to teach very much.  I'm going to go back this Tuesday when we go on splits with the Villaverde Elders.

Also the other day we had our first appointment around 12 and we hadn't been to his house in a while.  We walked up to his house and saw his bicycle and his hat so we knew he was home so we sat outside his house saying "Tao Po" over and over again so he would come out.  We sat around waiting for him to come out because he has arthritis, but he never did so right before we were about to leave we said "Toa Po" one more time.  MISTAKE!!!  All of a sudden we hear Tatay inside start screaming and swearing he walks outside with a huge knife and as soon as he realized it was us he said "Kayo pa la" or oh it's you guys (in a surprised/shocked sort of way)  right as he saw us he ran back inside and said I"M SICK!!!!!!!  Elder Saguire and I were really surprised and just walked away kind of silent not knowing what to do.  Elder Saguire thinks we should go back but I know it's going to be the weirdest thing ever and I don't know if he'll still be mad.

This is also probably my last week in my area here in Lamut.  Transfer day is this next week on November 5.  I'm gonna miss the area but I'm also excited to get a new one.

Love you guys!
Gwapo ohh
Climbing coconut trees
This dog is so nasty it needs to die!
Pray for me!
Colorful bug getting eaten by ants!

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