Sunday, November 23, 2014

We're tearing it up

I would send you guys pictures of the new area and everything, but every computer shop we've been to doesn't allow downloading so you'll just have to wait till I can find a better computer shop.

We are really tearing it up in our area here in Mabini!  We've been getting around five or more lessons every day which is making the days go really fast.  We have a baptismal date set too for December 17 but I'm pretty sure we are going to have to move it back because I don't think she'll be ready because she hasn't been coming to church yet.  I just don't know about her though because her husband is less active so it's kind of scary because we might be just baptizing a less active so I'm going to really see if she wants to to baptized and then we're going to re- activate her husband.  Well we're going to reactivate her husband no matter what.

So in our mission we have a standard of excellence that every missionary is striving to get and I've never reached it once in my whole mission.  The goal is 30 lessons in one week and this week we had 28 lessons!  I can't wait to finally hit it!

The area right now is a little different than any of the other areas I've ever had.  Everyone here speaks a different language, Ilicano!  Most people know how to speak Tagalog, but are pretty rusty so they basically just say a few words in Tagalog and then a whole bunch in ilicano expecting us to understand.  I can understand a little bit and speak a little too but there are sometimes when all I do is say, "wen."  Which just means, yes or yeah in ilicano.  It's makes some lessons pretty interesting and we usually all end up laughing because we have no idea what he is saying and what I am saying.  I am loving this new area though because we get to work all the way up until curfew which is a first for my whole mission.

I'm not feeling very good today so I'll write you guys next week and hopefully send you some pictures!  (I have some pretty good ones!)

Love you guys!
Elder Tribe
First well I've seen in the Philippines.

Getting transferred from Solano.

Having a merienda at the house of Nanay Felly

I wait for jeep while he gets a drink at Franks.  When they find out my middle name they all make fun of me and say lets go eat at "FRANKS!"

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