Sunday, December 7, 2014

Transfer week!

This week we had a transfer in my companionship. Elder Acosta was transferred to a new area because one of the Elders there is sick and was sent to Manila so now it's just Elder Safita.  We were told he was going to come back but we got a call saying he's going to stay the rest of the cylce in his new area and maybe never come back.  
E. Safita is my first American companion and it's pretty fun right now!  We're always laughing and having fun working!  

This week was basically a blur to E. Safita and me.  Everything is just going so fast!  We had our days mixed up this week because we accidentally wrote them down wrong in our planners so we had everything mixed up.  That made the week go really fast realizing it's Friday instead of Wednesday.

This week Manny Pacquiao had a fight and that means it's basically the super bowl for the Philippines.  We went out to work and every single person was in their house and it was almost like a ghost town. We worked all day and only got one lesson!  Everyone kept telling us to go away basically cause Manny was on TV.  Even though Manny had a fight we had a ton of people come to church which is basically a miracle.  I think they came though to help send some blessing to Manny while he was fighting.

We have an investigator who's been coming to church for over one year but she isn't baptized yet because in the Philippines you can't get divorced.  She's living with her new husband but can't get married so we have to refer all those cases to President Rahlf.  The lady, Sister A.has been giving us referrals lately and helping us in finding investigators.  She's a really cool lady and I love how she loves to help us missionaries even though she isn't a member yet.  It just makes me realize, if a non member can help missionaries, members have a way bigger responsibility cause they actually know what it's like to be a member.
Well, can't remember really anything else.  We are still laughing during lessons because of the language barrier.  Some of the Ilicano people we teach have bad eyes so I read their Ilicano BofM for them.  I try to read it to the best of my ability but it just sounds terrible.  The members lately have been complimenting me though on my 
Ilicano and in some members houses, just to help me learn Ilicano they only speak Ilicano even though they understand Tagalog. 
The area is great and i'm loving it here! Here are pictures of my new apartment.

Love E.Tribe

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